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Today, I am going to review Skinetica. Lets see if the product works ! 🙂

These days we see more and more adults are suffering from blemishes. Dermatologists aren’t exactly sure why more adults are experiencing blemishes but there are some theories as to why.

Main causes :

1) Excess oil

2) Bacterial Blockage

3) Medications

4) Family History

5) Stress

6) Hair and makeup products

7) Ageing 

anti-blemish Skinetica : Skinetica – skin clearing and blemish removal, fast acting – soothes, calms and clears…(Previously known as Acnigon )

Product claim : Fast acting skin clearing

Kind to skin

Dermatologically tested

No side effects

Non greasy

No harsh chemicals

Non-toxic. Non Staining

Ingredients: Purified water, ethyl alcohol, fragrance, quanternary ammonium chloride. This is what I loved about skinetica, it does not contain any harmful chemicals like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. I always hated the fact that benzoyl peroxide is used in most of the acne treatments. Benzoyl peroxide can damage your skin. It works by destroying oil and bacteria that builds on and underneath the skin, because it cannot tell the difference between good bacteria and bad bacteria.

How to use : Skinetica should be applied on a clean dry skin. Simply apply to the affected areas using a cotton pad, thoroughly covering them. Once you have applied it to your skin, allow it to naturally air dry, which will take a moment or two.

My Thoughts ? I completely agree to their claim of this product being fast acting and skin clearing.  I got this product sample about last week and I have certainly noticed most of my blemishes fading! I can really notice a difference the morning after using this! My friends do see the difference too 🙂 !

After using this a few times I started to notice that my skin looked more clarified, new spots were toned down, some angry spots didn’t get as large. My skin texture was improved and smoothed.

Skinetica feels very light on skin. I apply it before putting on my makeup.

Like most of acne and blemish controlling products it does not dry out your skin. It gently moisturises your skin, preventing drying, redness and chapping.

The smell is very light and fresh.

You don’t have to apply this product several times a day. Just use this product twice a day on a cleansed face. Its molecules keep on working for 12 hrs, from a single application. As the product claims, it is non-allergenic, safe to use and has NO side effects.

What I admire about skinetica is that it has no harsh chemicals and the product is very gentle on my skin. It is by far the most amazing product I have ever used. Using Skinetica in your daily skin care regime will help combat existing blemishes, prevent future occurrence of blemishes !

If you want a flawless skin I highly recommend this product ! 🙂

Rating : 5/5
I think it is very reasonable, you get 100 ml for £9.99

Buy it HERE

* PR sample(s) for review . This has not affected my opinion. I have given my 100 % honest opinion about the product mentioned in the post.

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