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Price: India Rs 1000 , USA  $15
Quantity: 3 gm


Shades Available : 6 shades (I got Blacktrack and Blitz Glitz )

Ingredients :DSC02806

Product claim :Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof. Lines up in a rich array of colours and finishes. Brush sold separately.

My experience : I have been an avid user of the liquid liner for years … but one fine day I got the fluidline as a gift from my sister so I figured it was time to try something new.

Gel liners can be very tricky to use specially for peolpe like me who don’t have the steadiest of hands.

MAC Fluidline has a thicker texture than the liquid liner, which I think makes it easier to use and blend. I wear a heavy cat eye almost daily so I need something that I can build upon and still get a smooth and even line. If you have the right brush (something very small and stiff) this eyeliner is the best. My favorite applicator for gel liner is a synthetic angled brush.


MAC fluidlines are really long lasting eyeliners. I can say that with confidence since I have slept wearing it once and it wasn’t even smugde :(I know its wrong sleeping with makeup ):  This withstands long hour days and watery eyes! it also doesn’t irritate my contact lenses, which some do as they begin to dry a little.

I’ve noticed it also has better staying power than the liquid, which tends to smear for me sometimes.

I also love how this glides on incredibly smooth and creamy.

Much better to pay $15 for a product that lasts a long time than to pay $5 for a product that dries up within a month anyway. I haven’t tried any other colors, but intend to soon. One thing I would like to make clear is that Fluidline is not meant to be worn on your waterline – it is meant to be worn on your lid. Seriously, love the fluidline.

My Rating : 5/5

Will I buy it again : Yes ,  I’ll buy it again (when/if I ever run out…)

How to use gel liner :
– Take a bit of gel liner on angled brush.

– Make sure the brush is well coated with the gel liner. You don’t want an excess of product, but make sure there is enough.

– Lightly add three small dots to the eye. These help you locate where you’ll start and finish your liner, and where you’ll anchor it in the middle.

– Join the dots with a line. If you have to go back several times, you’re more prone to making mistakes. The best way to line the eye is to try to get it on in one quick swoop.

When all else fails, go over the line with a black eyeshadow and pencil brush. It hides a multitude of sins and that’s what I did when I started out! 🙂 To get a line as close to the lash line as possible, tilt your head back a bit while looking in the mirror!

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