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Product review Lancome High Résolution Refill-3X™

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Price: USA $82, India Rs 4510

Quantity:  50 g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Product claim :This staple formula, featuring the Refill-3X complex, helps reduce the number, depth and size of wrinkles for visibly renewed smoothness. Skin is protected from daily UV damage.
Visible anti-wrinkle results : Immediately, skin feels significantly softer and smoother. In 4 weeks, the number, depth and size of wrinkles are significantly reduced. Skin is noticeably more supple and plumped.


Experience (My mom and aunt’s experience) : Since I don’t use any anti-aging creams I’ve to note down my mom and aunt’s opinion on this one.

What my Aunt Feels about this cream “I can say that my skin feels and looks a lot firmer and tighter. I love how hydrating this cream is. In fact, sometimes I skip makeup because I feel there is no need to use it. It doesn’t clog my pores and it absorbs almost instantly. My face is kept hydrated throughout the entire day and most mornings, I would wake up to glowing skin. It doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. It helped to minimise the dry lines on my forehead and retain elasticity in my skin. Every morning , I would lightly rub this cream between my fingers and pat the product on my skin and it feels amazing “ 

What my Mom thinks about Lancome High Resolution – “Even with spf it feels amazing and light on the skin!!!!! I was scared away from any cream with a moisturiser for a while now– I can’t stand anything feeling like its sitting on my skin and so greasy!  THIS PRODUCT–  is by far the best ! My skin is so hydrated and smooth . It looks AND FEELS AMAZING!!!”

Heals Skins, Easy to use, Not Greasy, Nice Finish, Beautiful Skin, smooth texture, Good Ingredients,  Value for Money, spf

Cons: Expensive

BnB Rating :  5/5

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