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Review : Lancôme BIENFAIT MULTI-VITAL NIGHT – High Potency Night Moisturizing Cream VITA-NUTRI 8™

Price : India – Rs 3000 , USA – $ 50
Quantity : 1.7 oz


Locks in Moisture—A unique nurturing complex infuses moisture back into skin while Vitamin A helps skin renewal.
Uncovers Healthy-Looking Skin—Stimulates skin’s vitality with an energizing complex of multi-minerals. Boosts Your Skin’s Defenses—The potent combination of Omega 3 & 6 with Antioxidant Vitamins E + Cg helps to strengthen skin’s ability to defend itself against external aggressors.

What it is ?
An intensive, rich night cream to restore your skin while you sleep while working to lessen the appearance of lines and wrinkles, increase firmness.

Ingredients :

My Thoughts?

I am a skincare junkie. I love trying new products and changing my routine often. However, I always find myself returning to this night cream. I have yet to find a nightcream that is more moisturizing than this. I rarely hit pan on any of my products because I am always buying/trying new ones; however, I have gone through about 3 jars of this.
I can’t speak for it’s anti-aging benefits as of yet but Lancome Night Cream is a Skincare God sent. This rich, buttery cream isn’t for the super oily skin folk out there need apply!

The Night Cream comes housed in heavy resin jar. Might I discuss the jar for a second? I hate dipping my fingers into a jar of skincare plus I feel like it doesn’t do the freshness of the product any great favors but I must say this jar is quite interesting.

As a part of the Bienfait line, this is likely intended for NC (Normal-Combination) skin types.

Love the way its non-greasy and easily absorbed cream. It has a light scent and dependable moisturizing qualities. A little of this goes a long way. Don’t over do it, it’s a very rich, potent product and a little goes a very long way …

I don’t like some heavy, overly hyped night creams, so this one works quite well for me. This one is adequate as a moisturizer. However, this product has minimized and greatly diminished ‘flakies’ and dry patches on my sister’s skin, as well as calmed some ongoing irritations.

It has a slightly velvety feel and is best suited for night time use. Plus if winter is wreaking havoc on your skin you can easily protect it by applying this nightly to keep my skin moist and hydrated defending it against the harsher weather! Gives you a perfect glow in the morning .

Pros 🙂

  • My skin feels so hydrated and it looks great.
  • This product smells wonderful .
  • Does not break out my sensitive skin .
  • Heals Skins.
  • Immediate Results.
  • Good Ingredients.
  • Value for Money.

Cons 🙁 Can’t think of any .

Final Verdict : Overall it’s a worthy purchase & you would be quite pleased with it’s moisturizing abilities, & in comparison to other Lancôme moisturizers it is reasonably priced.

BnB Rating : 4.8/5

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