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Product Name : Secret Original Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant, Invisible Solid

Product Description (taken from the net): You can always be confident in the original. Tried and trusted  . pH-balanced invisible solid formula, with odor and wetness protection.

Price: $ 3.5
Quantity : 73 g

Availability: Not easily available in India as these are not launched here. I got this from USA.


My Thoughts ?
My biggest nightmare is sweating and smelling nasty, especially if it’s in public. There is nothing I worse than nasty B.O. I don’t want to be one of those people who smell and gross people out. I am really big on personal hygiene. I have tried different deodorants over the years, but none satisfied me like Secret Invisible Solid.

It is strong enough for the hardest working yet delicate enough for the most sensitive woman. It is not only strong but it does not mark your clothing.The baby powder scent is wonderful and does not interfer with your perfume/cologne.

I would advice to apply it post shower after you pat your skin dry for maximum results. It lasts for a looong time, I’ve never had to apply more than once a day, and the scent lasted 24 hours. Also I love th fact that its not sticky like most of the deos out there.

Secret warns that this product should not be worn on broken skin. If a rash or irritation occurs from contact, immediately stop use. Please always keep away from children.

Fragrance : It has very mild, soothing fragrance to mask odor .

Good option if you do not want to use an aerosol spray.
does not sting like other deos.
Mild fragrance.
Doesn’t cause any irritation or burning sensation.
Doesn’t leave any white patches on clothes.
Doesn’t darken my underarms.
Fragrance stays for a decent time.

Cons :
Not easily available in India.
Generally people don’t like roll-on deodorants.
Not for those who want very strong fragrance.

Final Verdict : Give it a try if you like mild fragrance and if you sweat too much .

BnB Rating : 3.5/5

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