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My first Falsies or fake eyelashes were from sugarpill and I got them specially for my graduation party a year ago. I remember how excited I was when I first used them. I didn’t even have slightest idea about how to use them  😀 still I managed somehow by watching few Youtube videos.

How To Apply False Eyelashes :

  • Applying falsies isn’t something that you’re going to be able to do perfectly the first time. It’s much better to practice a few times before being able to go out in public.
  • Apply eye makeup before putting on falsies.
  • Gently peel from the storage tray.
  • Check if it fits your lash line and if not trim it.
  • Apply adhesive and wait for 30 seconds till it get tacky. Apply near lash line and press the edges.

I’m not saying this is the perfect way but this worked for me 😀

My Thoughts about Basicare Styling Eyelashes ?

First thing first throw the glue provided by Basicare it is useless! 😀 Get lash duo glue.

The packaging is nice and is what I keep them in. The lashes look a little scary in the package, but once applied they give me a fun, flirty, and slightly dramatic look.

I suggest if you have flat lids, than these lashes might not be the best bet for you and might look too long and fake.

For me these lashes are awesome for events/parties. I wore them for a event last weekend and they were fairly easy to apply and weren’t too stiff. I had to bend them a few times to get them to loosen, but after that it was a piece of cake to wear them. I did not trim the length, just the width one group of lashes.

With proper care and storage I can get 3 to 4 uses out of them. They’re pretty and have really great quality. Also, at INR 200 a pair, you can’t beat the price.

Final Verdict

Would absolutely buy them again. Loved them.. ( I’m still on search for natural looking falsies because I won’t wear these to work or any daytime lunch party.)

My Rating : 4/5

Tell me which are your favourite fake lashes ???
I want to know 🙂

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