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~Guest Post by Dr Shruti Patil (co-editor)

Hello Pretty Faces,

Hope you all are doing great. This is my first review on Beauty and the Best and I hope you like it. Today, I am going to share with you my experience using  TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray .


Product Claim :  This heat protection spray stands up to flat irons and curling irons by guarding against heat and friction, leaving hair shiny and enviably soft.

Price : USA – $7

About my hair – I’m regularly plagued by bad hair days with static-induced frizz or moisture-starved tresses.  I’ve never dyed my hair, or had anything too severe done to it.

My Experience with Tresemme Heat Tamer ?

This is my first heat-protectant spray ever. I never really thought I needed to put anything on my hair before any type of heat styling. Nonetheless, I Found this stuff and I fell in love with it. After I wash my hair and I towel pat, I flip my hair over and spray this from my mid-shaft to ends. DSC03620

This is not sticky and smells GREAT! Upon using this for maybe a month or so, I have noticed the bottom half of my mid-back hair to be so smooth. Before, my hairdresser would tell me when she ran her fingers through my hair, that you could feel how dry the mid-shaft to the end is. But now, I have no problem and I have absolutely no split ends. 

Initially I was hesitant to use this heat protector… I was cynical about a five/seven dollar product working well for anyone. But I badly wanted a heat protector ! So why heat protector spray ? you ask …Because you must protect your precious strands before exposing them to heat. Heat protectants are essential when using heat source tools like hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Styling opens up the hair shaft, leaving strands susceptible to damage, breakage and even color loss. Heat protectants coat the follicle, keeping strands sealed and shielded.

Packaging :  It comes in a simple black and red squirt bottle.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find the nozzle to be a little oddly shaped.  It’s not off-putting enough that it’s stopped me from buying the product, though.  However, it ejects the spray as a fine mist, so I’d say the overall design works.   

How to use ? (by tresemme)
Spray liberally 6-8 inches away from mid-shaft to ends. The trigger spray offers easy misting Use both on damp hair before you blow-dry and on dry hair before curling or flat ironing to shield hair from damaging heat

How to use  ?  (by me)

  • If you’ve just washed your hair, dry it and then use a blow dryer on a low, cool setting.
  • Next, thoroughly comb your hair and divide into small sections.
  • Take a section and spray a fine mist of heat protectant. Keep the bottle of spray at least 12 inches away from the hair so the spray isn’t concentrated on one small area of hair.
  • while spraying the heat protectant, you want to mainly focus on your ends because they are the ones that need to most attention.
    DSC03630 DSC03623

Final Words : I describe this as a light-weight spritz for peace of mind when using heated styling tools. Protecting from the heat of hairdryers and other heated styling
appliances, as well as helping straightening irons glide through your hair when

I DO notice a difference when I’m being lazy and don’t use this vs. when I do use this. My ends aren’t as brittle and my hair breaks less.
Great for my hair, and for me – more time to enjoy myself! 🙂 🙂

What I Like about TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray ?

  • Protects against Heat Damage,
  • Conditions & Shines.
  • Styles & Protects.
  • Vitamin enriched formula.
  • not tested on animals.
  • controls frizz,
  • leaves hair looking shiny
  • Inexpensive.
  • Doesn’t make hair feel crunchy
  • Doesn’t dry out hair
  • No alcohol
  • Has a spray nozzle
  • non-greasy

What I Didn’t Like about TRESemme Heat Tamer Protective Spray ?
Not easily available in India !

Would I repurchase ? Most definitely, I feel it helps protect my hair from heat styling without weighing it down. And the price means it’s great value. Good work Tresemme !

My Rating : 4/5

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