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Inglot Freedom System AMC Eye Shadow 74
Hello lovelies,
This post was long pending and my hand was itching to share with you this lovely eye-shadow from Inglot. This is one of the few eye-shadows that I am going to review in the coming days. Moving on with the product this is AMC Shine #74 from Inglot freedom system.

Price :  USA – 6 $ , India – INR 350 for 2.5gm

Product details :  Special silicones, treated pigments, talc, mica, nylon and unique spherical  powder provide high lubricity and a silky touch for an easy smooth, long  lasting, crease resistant application.

My Thoughts ?

Inglot freedom system eyeshadow range gives you the freedom to choose the size of palette you want (smallest is a duo, largest holds 40 shadows), the colours you want, and arrange them in any manner you wish! I would prefer though if they could make palettes or pans for eyeshadows and blush fit into one compact palette. 😉

I got quads because I like the portability and flexibility it gives, I will review other shades soon. The first palette I built is a very versatile palette.

I was actually searching for a Inglot blush when I stumbled upon this hidden gem – AMC Shine #74 !

Shade/ Color :Barbie plum color’- That is how I think of this eyeshadow colour. A gorgeous colour, which is just a smidgen bit powdery, but super pigmented regardless. It comes with pearl finish that looks oh-so-gorgeous on any eyeshape, color and for any age.

Staying Power :
The staying power is very good. I tend to sweat easily and my skin is super oily. So if the makeup is still “there” after work or walking outside in a tropical climate with the pollution raging around me then it’s an A.

After 6 hours

After 6 hours

Inglot eyeshadow stays for about 6-7 hours without creasing when used with a good base ( MAC painterly paint pot). On its own it can easily stay upto 4 hours.

Texture : Texture wise the quality of Inglot eyeshadows belies their prices! They swatch very beautifully. I can say they are buttery smooth and the texture reminds me of MAC’s  eyeshadows.

Pigmentation : The eyeshadow is amazingly pigmented, with a silky consistency that helps the shadow glide across the lid.

Packaging : I LOVE the design of the palettes and the fact that you can stack multiple palettes on top of each other making use of the magnets on the lid. It is a little hard to get the shadow out once it’s placed in the palette because the magnets are too strong.

Our Expert Tips :

  • Dab a primer or concealer across the eyelid before applying eye shadows. It helps the true color of the eye shadow show up on the eye lids and also makes the eye shadow stay longer.
  • I found that Inglot shadows work best when patted on, oppose to brushing on. They go where you put them and then will blend out.

What I like ? 🙂

  • Beautiful color.
  • No fall out.
  • Well pigmented
  • Excellent staying power with primer beneath.
  • Smooth and Soft texture
  • Affordable
  • Paraben Free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Will suit all complexions

What I didn’t like ? 🙁

Final Verdict : I love it. It’s perfect for subtle to dramatic look and is great to use as a “shadow” in your crease area. Specially made for all you ladies who know your eyeshadow magic.

My Rating : 4.9/5

More Pictures –
DSC03734 DSC03728 DSC03739

DSC03881 DSC03746

DSC03925 DSC03933
(T-B   eyeshadow with concealer, after blending, before blending) 

Your favourite Inglot product ?

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. I am not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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