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The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Cream Body Scrub

Price : India – INR 995 , USA – $20 for 200ml

Product DescriptionThis exfoliating body scrub contains real cocoa butter. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. • Removes dead skin cells • Stimulates skin microcirculation • Leaves skin feeling super-soft • Sweet cocoa butter scent

How To Use : Use in the bath or shower. Apply to damp skin in a circular motion, then rinse thoroughly.

Expert Tips (note that this is a body scrub and not to be used on face) : Use two to three times a week for maximum effect. Regular exfoliating and massaging can help tone and firm the skin. Use after cleansing.

The Good

  • The first time I used Cocoa Butter  Scrub I felt like a spa treatment. My skin felt very beautiful.
  • Smells great, like The Body Shop claims. The scent is actually chocolate laden not over powering and the fragrance lingers on for quite sometime.
  • The scrub is perfect for dry winter season.
  • Best suitable for dry to very dry skin type but also works for oily to combination skin types.
  • Cocoa butter cream body scrub has exfoliating ground rice and almond shell powder.
  • It moisturizes while sloughing off the dead skin and doesn’t leave a greasy residue like some body scrubs.
  • It is a great scrub and really gives you a super soft and radiant skin.
  • Leaves the skin feeling healthy and moisturised. Also removes tan and ingrowth.
  • It will last really long. You need very little amount of scrub.
  • I’ve always felt my legs tend to get a bit dry after waxing. Three days after waxing, I scrub my body with this to reduce ingrowth and dryness of my skin.

The Bad

  • Pricey.
  • I prefer tube packaging which I consider more hygienic. 

Final Verdict : I have used several of the scrubs from The Body Shop, but I always go back to Cocoa Butter. The texture, the smell, the feel, the scrub to cream ratio, everything about this formula is PERFECT !
Will I repurchase : YES !

My Rating : 5/5

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