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February is over? WHAT. :shout:


Last two months aren’t allowed to go so fast, so I’m not sure what’s happening. But these were months full of makeup that I’ve been sharing my favorites! Oh happy day.
Since the holidays are over, I’ve done away with some of my darker colors. I just want it to kinda maybe feel (or look?) like Spring. I fell in love with so many things last months, most of which were new to me … Ranging from skincare to eyeshadow palette to books and technology, I was definitely feeling the beauty love!

Here is list of my Favourites. Hope you enjoy 🙂 –

Fashion :

I need to update my closet with some bright and trendy colors for Spring.  Winter is over and so my love for white and black. Upcoming months you’ll see me experimenting with makeup and fashion both equally. That’s the beauty of Spring (summer) you can actually make your own trends. I have many fashion favourites but this pretty floral printed comfy pant was the most used.



My Favourite Song – Has to be Christina Perri’s Thousand Years. Watch the video once and let me know –



 Favourite Skin Care :

Although I’m still in my early 20’s and my skin nowhere near aging I love to take care of my skin. My elder sister started using olay when she was 23 and she still has amazing skin. I’m quite confused about Olay day cream so I’ll use it for few more days before posting review. I’m going to change my skin care in the upcoming months since I need something with greater spf and more gentle. I’ve fallen back in love with The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion and it’s become one of my bases of choice this last month.. I’m planning of doing a detailed post on my updated skincare routine.



Bath and Shower Products :  I’ve been pampering myself this month with The Body Shop Cocca Butter Scrub review HERE. and Olay Body Wash.



 Makeup  Products :

I’ve gone back to Benefit Porefessional this month and seriously loving it so much. Wanna know how I wear it ? have a look HERE. I’ve also been using MUA Makeup setting spray. It does hold my makeup for the entire work day. Cheeky Glow is my current go to blush. Its pretty, pink, matte and absolutely light on pocket. Well its safe to say my beauty favourites for the month of January and February have been very girly and pink! MAC Select Cover Up concealer and MAC Crosswires were the most used MAC products. Every time I discover this anonymous bronzy color brush in my vanity I am always happy. I use it for foundation and it really gives me flawless look.


DSC01658 DSC01670
Nail Color : My love for Colorbar Glitterite is quite evident and I’m not denying it either.



Favourite Snack item :

I love junk food ! I love cheese pizza with extra cheese  ! I love French fries and I can’t live without cake ! Sadly this February I’m feeling bit weirdly normal. I mean I’ve started eating healthy stuff like fruits and veggies. I ate lot of oranges last two months. I guess I’m falling in love with myself – Highly recommended 🙂

Technology :

Its all over instagram and twitter. I can’t stop raving about my New Purchase which is SAMSUNG Galaxy NOTE 3.  Currently the best Smart phone in Indian market (It maybe or may not but perfect for me) . Although it doesn’t fit in my jeans and I can’t carry it to my gym (its quite huge), I still feel its awesome. The device includes Air gesture technology and also a  Spen . I call it my OVER-Smart phone




Favourite Book – 

I’ve been into reading books lately. My 8to6 work schedule gives me very little time for Reading (which happens to be my most favourite hobby), but this month I got lot of time to read on weekends. I finished reading Ravinder Singh’s – I Too Had A Love Story. I’m not fan of love stories but this book is an exception. Anyone who reads it can’t stop think about true love. If you’re married or committed, gift it to your partner, make them read it and watch them falling in love with you all over again. The impact of this book is unbelievable.
Highly recommended !

DSC01661 DSC01662


 Favourite App –

If you haven’t been paying attention, you might not know that Android apps have radically improved in 2013. Instagram App is improved, faster and a true winner. Also I want my friends to know I’m on instagram and don’t forget to Follow :-*   ( that makes easy for me to follow you).
My user name on Instagram : beauty_shreya ( link : )




Share your favourites with me ? Let me know if you want any detailed review 🙂



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