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What is this? A face mist? Yessss !!! When it comes to a face mist, I feel like I’ve tried them all ! So when a new one comes along, that has been successfully compared to MAC Fix+, I wear my running shoes, tie my hair into a high bun and simply get it !


Product Name : Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist

Price : India – INR 850
Quantity : 100 ml ( 3.3 fl oz )

Product Claims (by Company) : A toner that keeps your skin hydrated, refreshed and calm. And a hydrating mist that sets and refreshes your favorite makeup to make it last longer. Energized with ‘Witch Hazel Water’ this product has anti-bacterial properties.
How To Use (by Company ) ? Hold the bottle 10 – 12 inches from face. Close your eyes and spray evenly. Use this after cleanser as a refreshing toner or after makeup application to set or refresh makeup. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.

My Experience ?

DID I mentioned to you all that I’m totally tired?
Here I’m talking about exhaustion…. so tired that you may probably read something funny and confusing in this review today ( I apologize )
That’s because I spent most of last night thinking about how much pending things I have to complete this weekend ( note : never over-think at night ) 😀
If it wasn’t for this freshening face mist from Colorbar, friennnndzzzz, my head would have banged on my keyboard or I may have mistaken my laptop as my pillow.  😮 

Now lets get back !
It’s been a long time since a beauty product fully impressed me and my beauty needs. 


My makeup was typically powder foundation during October and I can attest to how it works with that. The products I used last month were – concealer, powder foundation and blush ( on summer days I skip foundation ). I was used to the dreaded powdery makeup look that I knew looks natural skin like after an hour or two. With this refreshing mist, I get those results instantly. My skin just looks healthy, glowing and pretty sans makeup. I spray 2-3 pumps and let it moist my face. It just takes seconds to dry and doesn’t look sticky or greasy at all. I understand that this is not a makeup setting spray but it makes my makeup stay longer ( even in extreme humid conditions). My makeup does not budge until I remove it at night.

I also use this to freshen up my face whenever I’m not wearing any makeup and I laud how it gives a little moisture & perfect glow to my face. It hydrates my skin but does not feel heavy. A WINTER must have ! I won’t use this on light make up days as then I’d probably get through this bottle very fast. But I would say this is lovely stuff to have in your vanity, if you get a bit heavy handed with foundation or powder .

It is ideal for setting your make up too and definitely helps it last longer. A must have for special occasions when you have spend hours doing your make up and want it to last all day long. I have been using this for about 3 months and I totally love this multi-tasking spray. I’m already considering getting another one just in case this bottle run out.


Do you put too much foundation? Do you love powders and compacts? Dry patches are your problems? Just a spray of Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist will fix it all! 😉

Summary –

 Product Name : Colorbar Stay The Day Finishing Mist
Finish : Natural & dewy
      Formula : Light and gentle
           Staying Power : 8 hours +
Bnb Rating : 4.7/5


What I Like ? 🙂

  • Refreshing & mild fragrance.
  • Get absorbed quickly.
  • Doesn’t make skin greasy post application.
  • Extremely gentle on facial skin.
  • Perfect for everyday use.
  • Gives a natural finish.
  • Helps makeup last longer.
  • Instantly gives a healthy dewy look.
  • Works for men & women.
  • Great for all skin types ( specially dry skin beauties ).
  • Not tested on animals ( 100% cruelty free ).
  • Good ingredient list.
  • Doesn’t contain Parabens, Alcohol or Artificial Colors.

What I Don’t Like ? 🙁 
Maybe pricey for some.


Final Verdict : Gentle enough to use daily. Makes my makeup last longer and when used on its own it freshens up skin. It is quite hydrating and feels nice. A brilliant multi-tasking spray in my opinion.

BnB Approved !

More Pictures –

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Love Heart Shreya

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Disclaimer:  All the products mentioned in this post are purchased with my own money.  I am not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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