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Hello Friends ! Hope you all enjoying winter 🙂

Meet the Luscious Lip Balm Collection by Forest Essentials ! This collection includes Sugared Rose Petal, Kokum Butter & Honey, Sweet Narangi Juice. Today on Beauty & the Best I’ll be reviewing all the three Lip Balms. 

Have a look !


Price : Rs. 595 for 5 gms

Product Claims by Company : Read HERE

My Thoughts ?

First lets talk about Luscious Lip Balm Sugared Rose Petal. This one goes on right after I’ve brushed my teeth and before I apply my makeup and it gives me the perfect healthy lips I want in the morning. It’s has shine and moisturising properties with a slightly waxy finish. It also has beautiful rose fragrance which lingers for long time. I love the way my lipcolors look on top of this lip balm. If used alone and applied generously, it’s effective enough to keep your lips well hydrated & protected from all the elements.



My chronic dry lips are prone to peeling and I always find it hard to get a lip balm that improve my lip condition. Luscious Lip Balm Sweet Narangi Juice is a perfect for all day use. I don’t go out in the daytime without wearing this and usually have at least two on the go at any time. Also I noticed my lips aren’t darkening and peeling as often as they normally do. I can’t find out if it’s because my lips are being effectively hydrated by this lip balm or if it is the first lip balm that doesn’t have irritating ingredients to cause damage like most of the balms I’ve used in the past. On lips it is just a touch thicker than most of those drugstore chapsticks.


All the three lip balms have heavier balmy texture and are complete opaque with no tint . Luscious Lip Balm Kokum Butter & Honey have always been a fairly good product in my opinion. A little less hydrating than both but pretty much delivers the same quality. It has subtle honey taste and smell that isn’t that pleasant but it disappears fast after applied. They all have great moisturizing benefits and my lips don’t feel dehydrated even under a matte lip color. Wear time varies for each one but I can get around 4 to 5 hours with reapplying.

It is sad to read few negative reviews about these 3 lip balms. A good product with no chemical needs to be given enough time to show results. I have given each lip balm at least a month to show their effectiveness and I’m glad to know not only all the three lip balms hydrate my lips but they also repair them. Packaging wise all the three are same and it looks like many of the forest essentials products look classy.

All I can say is that – Some great products comes with great price tags 😉


What I Like ? 🙂

  • Great ingredient list – Fresh Rose Petals soaked in honey.
  • 100 % natural. 
  • extraordinary hydrating properties
  • seals in moisture
  • soothes chapped lips
  • leave lips soft and smooth
  • lovely fragrance
  • Chemical free
  • natural ingredients
  • very gentle
  • Cruelty free

What I don’t Like ? 🙁

  • Expensive
  • Everyone may not like packaging
  • Results are not instant

Overall , As claimed by the company these lip balms are extraordinary hydrating and unlike other lip balms which temporary hydrate and permanently damage your tender lips these actually improve and repair your lips. The overall condition of your lips will improve with regular use. They are made from natural ingredients and that’s why nothing can come close these lips balms in the beauty market. I have tried a lot of lip products and I’m sure I will continue to return to forest essentials lip balms because it is really heals and hydrates my lips

BnB Rating  

Sugared Rose Petal – 4.5/5
Kokum Butter & Honey – 4.75/5
Sweet Narangi Juice – 4.9/5

 More Pictures 

bnbfebalm.jog DSC03478 DSC03485

Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. I am not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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