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Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum Review 

~ Associate Editor – Rukmani Anand

Everyone loves their skin and wants to look best always. We spend a lot of our savings on getting the best products available in the market. I noticed the beauty products’ market is buzzing with all kind of facial serums promoting each of them as the best. It makes the buyer totally confused.

I am here to review Neutrogena Fine Fairness brightening serum to give relief in your confusion and ease in deciding which one suits best for you. Before that, I would tell you why one should use serum, basis of deciding out of the whole lot and how to add serum in cleaning – toning – moisturizing routine.



A serum is a thick clear liquid often used for a specific problem. They are light, fast absorbing liquids which deep penetrate into all three layers of the skin giving added moisturizer. Most serums are water – based, works best for oily and acne prone skin. A repository of serums are available varying from anti – wrinkle, anti – acne to face brightening. One can choose according to a type of skin.

Oily and acne prone skin people can replace their moisturizer with serum whereas dry to normal skin people can add it after toning and before moisturizing.


How I apply it?

I have replaced it with my moisturizer, as sadly, I am prone to acne. The serum is not specifically for anti – acne but if you too are sailing on the same boat as mine, that is, have dark spots on your face too, the serum will do wonders for you. I have not got even one zit after using it, thankfully.


All about Neutrogena Fine Fairness brightening serum

Product claims–High penetrating serum that lightens the look of dark spots and brightens overall skin tone for a fair, lasting translucency from within.

Usage – Use 1-2 times a day after cleaning. Lightly massage in to boost penetration.

Price – 699/- (In rupees)

Texture – It is a thick, clear, light yellowish liquid. It is easily absorbable. As the name suggests, it is a brightening serum resulting in fading of the marks and improving the color of your skin. Please note, it is not a whitening product which means it will not give you an instant change in color that most of the whitening products do.

Packaging – Its packaging embellishes the beauty of the product. You can carry it anywhere in your purse as twisting to the left can lock the pump. The pump is designed in such a way that you can control the quantity. On above of it, it is has transparent cap to put on to maintain hygiene and stop the air borne germs to enter. The body has a metallic silver look making it really stylish.


Performance of the product – 30 ml will last long for about 3 -4 months as a very small amount is necessary for face and neck at one time. It gives you dewy glow with a good change in texture. Remember, we use to wonder how these actresses have such a skin! You will surely see a remarkable improvement in spots.

Formula – Neutrogena Fine Fairness Serum contains vitamins and antioxidants. The formula is like most of the serums – lightweight & quick absorbing.  The formula has White Complex technology and also contains Retinol and Vitamin C which helps in removing dark spots. When I used it first time,it directly gets absorbed in skin, giving you a dewy look. You can layer this with a moisturizer and sunscreen, whatever you prefer. Overall, it a one must buy product in your daily regimen kit. The results may vary according to your skin-type. I saw results in 3 weeks. More than brightening it is know to make your skin-tone even.

It surely stands out for whatever it claims for. Editor Shreya’s Review, ”  I love the fact that the formula is lightweight and easy on my skin. It has active ingredients like- Lily, Retinol and Vitamin C which are known to improve overall skin complexion. I’m a very lazy person and have little less paitence when it comes to a skin routine that is supposed to clear my acne marks and blemished. This serum gives slow results but it is quite effective than most of the drugstore serums I used. Overall, it reduces pigmentation and gives me a nice smooth skin.”  

Good points – 🙂

  • It is non – greasy and light on your skin.
  •  Alcohol free and non – comedogenic.
  •  Improves the visibility of marks on skin.
  •  Did not cause any breakouts.
  •  Airtight pump with hygienic.

Bad points– 🙁

  • No SPF.
  • A little pricey.
  • No instant results
  • takes time to clear dark spots.

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 BnB Rating :  4/5




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