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The Body Shop White Musk Smokey Rose Fragrance Mist

Romance meet fragrance ? Ummmm sounds similar to Love is in air…. just like White Musk Smokey Rose sounds similar to sweet seduction.
I get poetic with thoughts like this if the aura of musk has touched my senses. The wild smokey rose too is full of mysteries. Imagine a bottle with the blend of musk & smokey rose, you are like ‘So much in a bottle’.

Today I have something special for you all –


Price : India – Rs. 1195 and USA – $15
Quantity : 100 ml

My Experience ?

I’m not a perfume girl and you can hardly find any posts or reviews on Fragrance here. But I can’t deny that a good aroma around me makes me feel awesome. That’s why I always go for body mists, that give me extra boost of confidence. 

The Body Shop White Musk Smokey Rose Fragrance is a body mist that is as strong as a perfume. That means you can use it both on body and clothes. The Body Shop describes it as a fragrance in a light, all-over body spritz with Seductive floral-musk scent. This one comes in a beautiful lavender color transparent rich glass bottle. I totally like the packaging.


On my skin it starts with a strong, sweet floral -musky top notes which I find enchantingly feminine. After 15-30 mins the top notes delicately mellow down and you get soft middle notes that are musky, woody and earthy floral. 

Three / four spritzes in the morning are adequate enough to last all day long. It reminds me about Victoria Secret body mists that have similar softness and yet are strong enough to last all day long.

Overall, The Body Shop White Musk Smokey Rose Fragrance is a combination of sweet and sexy like dark exotic flowers. The fragrance is blend of musk and earthy floral notes. Lasts all day long ! Gentle enough for daily use and strong enough for special occasions.

What I Like ? 🙂

  • Dominated by Musk and floral notes.
  • Can be used on skin as well as clothes.
  • Lovely Seductive, sweet fragrance.
  • Lasts all day long long.
  • Comes in a elegant glass bottle.

What I Didn’t Like ? 🙁

BnB Rating : 4.7/5 

Your Favorite Perfume / Body Mist ?


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Disclaimer:  All products mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money. I am not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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