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Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop Review 

Hello loves !

It’s been rather chaos on the blog recently. I’ve been meaning to post my experience about these lip balms all month but it has taken me ages to indeed get around to it. I’m completely unsure why ! Today I finally felt the need to talk about these. Between my advertising life, daily workloads, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, I thought I need to connect with you guys more and let you know what is really trending in these lip balm markets.

Over the past few months there has been more and more trends on moisturizing lip colors and tinted lip-balms, but I haven’t really had anything quite interesting to share with you all except for Electro Pop by Maybelline.

So let’s try to find out how these tinted balms work and look – 


Price : PINK SHOCK – Rs 165 & FIERCE N TANGY Rs 135 
Shades Available : Pink Shock, Fierce N Tangy, Oh Orange, Berry Bomb.

My Experience with Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop ?

With the arrival of summer my imagination goes in direction of everything colorful and light. Prints, bold colors and comfortable formulas specially appeal me these days. Yesterday morning I enjoyed wearing a thin layer of Pink shock that gave me nice natural OH MY Pink LIPS look. That was enough to motivate me and write about it.

I sometimes wonder if I will ever use a lipstick since I get used to tinted lip balms and this transition is made easy by baby lips Electro Pops. Such intensely pigmented balms like that can work as a lipstick when you layer them. Neutral shade pink lip liners under or over such tinted balms work nicely.

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Pink Shock is a beautiful cool bright berry hot pink shade. It has incredible color pay off  and I can build up the color from sheer to opaque very easily. Honestly, I like building up the color and the lip balm almost looks like a lipstick which is flattering on me in the evenings when all my makeup fades off and I have only oil left on my face. Strange ! From all the shades Pink Shock is the the most pigmented one and I find it more moisturizing than the other 2 pigmented POPS (orange & berry) !  I love this hot pink hue that is bright as well as wearable. It’s a lot more opaque then the colors from the range.


Fierce N Tangy is clear lip balm that has yellow tint to it, however it is perfect to dab over any lipcolor since it gives bit of yellow shine to it. These days I use it over my red lip liner to give me a pump lip look and it looks like I added a layer of lipgloss without that greasy feeling. The glossy finish with a bit of yellow tint is a rare but pretty combination. Ummm did I mention both of the balms has divine fruity fragrance.

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pops has lovely comfortable formula. The packaging of Electro Pops is another aspect that you can’t ignore. These balms come in super adorable packaging that has neon color text written on the clear lid.   Electro Pops gives me that summer-y feeling that doesn’t leave you and  I could just sit starring or switch up the lids like a kid with new crayons ! 😀 .

Overall, loving the bold colors and comfortable hydrating formula that Maybelline Electro Pop offers. Pink Shock is a perfect bright berry pink color and you can build the color from sheer to opaque very easily. It also leave behind a beautiful tint and stays on all day long. Fierce N Tangy is a clear balm with yellow tint that cancels dullness on your lips. You can use it with any lip color or just on its own. 🙂



  • Pink shock is a beautiful berry shade.
  • Fierce tangy is a clear balm with a hint of shine.
  • The entire Electro pop range has Lovely fragrance.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Pink shock lasts all day long.
  • Pink shock leaves behind pretty pink tint (fades evenly).
  • Fierce tangy hydrates well for hours.
  • Both the shades makes your lips soft and smooth.
  • Comfortable Hydrating formula.
  • Electro Pop Balms has goodness of vitamin E and Shea Butter.

I wish they had SPF in them

BNB Rating – 4.9/5

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