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The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion

~ by Pooja Mordani

Hello Everyone !

Every girl needs a bit of sparkle in her life ! .That shine may be your inner radiance or just a little bit of help from a glittery product!A Shimmer Lotion is exactly what makes me shine. The double benefit of a lotion’s moisturizing care and a shimmery glow is a win-win deal.

So today I will tell you more about this product which I used that is The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion –



Price in India:  Rs. 895/-

Quantity: 250 ml. (8.4 US FL Oz)

Packaging: The lotion comes in a see- through plastic bottle with a pump dispenser that is quite hygienic and easy to use. The dispenser can be turned left to open and right to close it.

My Experience with the product :

The Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion is a Shimmering Body Lotion with apple seed oil and Shea butter. It is a nice smelling product with the right balance of crisp sweetness, freshness and tangy undertones which I really liked. In fact I liked it so much that I wish I could eat it :D. 


It’s a light green in color with sheen to it. The consistency is a bit thick but I had no problems in applying it as it spread smoothly on my skin. It adds a shimmery glow while providing moisturization too.

The glitter blends into skin well after application. The glitter particles are very fine and are not harsh on the skin. One issue though, is that it transferred to anything I wore and touched. So by the time I left for work my bag was a bit glittery too.

The pump dispenser gives the lotion a big plus point from me as its quite hygienic , Unlike the body butters from the brand which one has to use with one’s fingers.


I have a normal skin so the moisturizing effect lasts for about 6 Hours provided I don’t do any housework. 😀  The fragrance lasted for about 2-3 hours for me and the shimmer stays on until I don’t remove it with water.

Summary :

Product Name :  The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion

Finish: Glittery

Formula : Light

Staying Power : 6 Hours

Rating : 4.5/5

What I Liked 

  • The tangy smell of Green Apples.
  • Fragrance staying power for a lotion is quite good.
  • Moisturizes skin along with giving it that shimmery effect.
  • Contains Community Fair Trade Shea Butter.
  • The packaging is travel friendly and the pump dispenser is easy to use and hygienic.
  • It absorbs real quick and is non greasy.
  • Against Animal Testing.

What I didn’t Like 

  • It is a Limited Edition product.
  • The Shimmer is a bit overwhelming for normal wear.
  • It may be a bit pricey for some

Final Verdict:

“I think it’s a good product to indulge in when I have a special night out. The lotion is quite effective in providing a nice shimmery glow and leaves my skin smelling sweet. I would love to use it when I wear something traditional like a sari with a pretty design at the back”

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Shimmer Lotion

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