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NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink

~ Author Neha Vinekar 

Hi everyone, today I will be reviewing Shocking Pink lipstick by NYX , one of the most beautiful colors from the range. I would have never gone ahead and bought this myself, however sometimes things in life happen for a reason! Before I get all philosophical about a lipstick, let me explain. My very sweet and generous Sis-in-Law passed this on to me. I got all excited & took it on to see if I had the guts to wear this color (Wow! I seem to love a challenge! Don’t I?)

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink

Product details – NYX Matte Lipsticks are highly pigmented, richly formulated and long-wearing. The formula glides on smoothly and stays put with a non-drying matte finish.”  

Price – $6 USD. I have seen Instagram sellers in India, selling this for anything above Rs.1000/- (Since this was passed on to me in a makeup-swap, I technically didn’t pay for it).

My Experience –

I usually apply lipstick at the end of my makeup, but when I first used this lipstick, I wore it before I started my eye-makeup. The shade itself was so bright and bold, that I didn’t know what kind of eye-makeup would really go with it. It’s one of the shades that’s a statement in itself.  It doesn’t need a lot of eye shadow to balance it & in fact, I didn’t use any either. My digi cam pics honestly don’t do any justice to the vibrancy of this color, although somehow I am able to show the true Pink undertones of the lipstick with the front camera of my phone (weird!)

lipstick 005 lipstick 003

The lipstick comes encased in a black, plastic body with a transparent space in between to show off the actual color of the lipstick. Unlike the other kinds of packaging, I liked this because what you see is what you get. I didn’t have to rely on a sticker (sometimes of a different color), to know which lipstick I want to go with. The lipstick is light-weight but not necessarily travel-friendly. I found the cap & the twister at the end, a little flimsy. Now, I don’t know if it’s only for the one I own, or it’s a shortcoming of the packaging itself.

temp 017 20150309_122415

The lipstick goes on a bit patchy & needs about 2 swipes to get the true opaque color. It’s a bit dry, but then most matte lipsticks are. I found it very comfortable in its wear & wore this throughout until it started fading after 5 hrs. Although its matte, this formula isn’t non- transfer… I mean I can’t kiss my lil Baby Boy if I’m wearing this lipstick sad face.

20150309_122941 temp 016

temp lipstick 004


Shade – It’s a bright, blue-based pink that perks up your face when you wear it. I mean you can only feel either deliriously ‘Happy’ about the color or absolutely ‘Scared’ of its shock-value! LOL

Pigmentation The pigmentation is a little patchy and it needs about 2 swipes to go completely opaque. But once it does, believe me, it’s lovely! I don’t have extremely pigmented lips but the shade hid whatever pigmentation I had.


Texture / Formula – The texture is smooth and easily glides onto the lips. The formula dries to a powder matte finish. There is slight dryness but nothing that can’t be handled by a lip balm a couple of minutes before application. Be sure to wipe off the lip-balm before applying this lipstick. If kept on, lip-balm may mess up the texture & the finish might end up looking horrible. The lipstick needs smooth, exfoliated lips to glide on, so let’s do what this lovely lipstick wants us to do. 

Staying Power – I’d say this has medium staying power. The lipstick itself starts fading after about 5 hrs but leaves behind a strong stain that needs a makeup remover to take off.


What I like – 🙂

  • Gorgeous bright color
  • Make a statement
  • Powdery matte finish
  • Good staying power if not disturbed
  • Strong stain so NO touch-ups

What I didn’t like – 🙁

  • Bit expensive
  • Flimsy packaging
  • Formula is transfers easily

 BnB rating – 4.5/5 (-5 for transferring easily).



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