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It’s end of March, and for me this month was full of surprises and discoveries. Traditionally I love finding new stuff hidden deep inside my vanity and The Core Collection Box was my ‘Recently Found Old Gift’ . While I was busy enjoying my Zoeva Collection, this Kit came into my life.

Lets find out more about it….

real techniques core collection review

Price : USA – $ 18 , India – 1999

My Experience ?

Real Techniques may have launched its Core Collection years ago but this range is quite new in India. Hardly few online stores in India have RT brushes and most of the time they are out of stock. I got it from the original company website and extremely elated with their service.

The Kit consists of a Detailer Brush, Pointed Foundation Brush, Buffing Brush, Contour Brush and a Brush case + stand. Honestly I like the concept of all essential brushes in one single box. 

Core Collection1

Like I said before I have owned this product for quite some time now, but started using it recently. I’m one of those who always go for quality tools since many brushes get rough and cause redness, which why I stay away from trying drugstore ones. Real Techniques brushes are so affordable that I feared the quality will be similar too. But I was totally wrong, the quality is terrific ! Real Techniques brushes are an affordable alternative to MAC brushes or Sigma brushes.

Theses brushes have very soft fibers and even after washing twice or thrice a week they have the same unaltered softness. When it comes to brushes I love the feel of the baby soft fibers. There are no signs of shredding or fallout and I adore how they keep their shape even after washing. Core Collection brushes are dense enough to use with all kind of formulas.

About the Brushes –

Buffing Brush : This brush can be use for liquid foundation or cream based products. I use buffing bush daily for liquid foundation application. It can also be used to apply cream blush or mineral powder foundation. I like how less efforts are required to blend any product and the finish is quite professional and flawless. It is a wonder tool that makes your makeup application process piece of cake.


Real Techniques Buffing Brush


Contour Brush :
 The contour brush is of perfect size for contouring and highlighting. This brush works well with powder formulas. Highlighter and bronzer seems to blend flawlessly into my skin thanks to this magical tool. However, this is not a brush to apply cream formulas.

contour brush

Real Techniques Contour Brush


Pointed Foundation Brush : Although it is a foundation brush I use this larger pointed brush for concealer underneath my eyes and around my lips.. I think it works well in that areas !!! You can make concealer or any creamy product get into the corners of your eyes easily with this pointed brush. For a airbrushed and flawless look you need this baby for sure.

pointed foundation brush

Real Techniques Foundation Brush


Detailer Brush : I call it pinpoint brush because it is so tiny. This brush is ideal for lip color application purpose. It is a splendid tool to create quick smokey eye look by smudging eyeliner.

Real Techniques Detailer Brush

Real Techniques Detailer Brush


Brush Case : This case is quite different than few of the brush cases I own. It is sturdy and transforms into a brush stand as well. Quite easy to carry in my makeup pouch.

Features & Comparison :

Buffing Brush : Real Techniques Buffing Brush is flatter and denser, not fluffy as the contour brush, making it compatible to work with liquid & cream formulas. It can withstand several washes and doesn’t shed at all. It also has enough firmness and density so you can use it for stippling or buffing. The feels a little more fluffy and floppy in comparison with other brushes in the collection. The Brush is significantly heavier and has ticker handle.
Real Techniques Buffing Brush

Contour Brush : The Real Technique Contour Brush is domed and tapered inward, it doesn’t flare out more and has dense fibers. The RT Contour brush has the same softness (maybe little less) as compared to buffing brush. But shape and density-wise it differs a lot with Buffing Brush. It is more lighter than buffing brush but bit heavier than the other two brushes in the set .
Real Techniques Contour Brush


Pointed Foundation Brush : For me it is more of a concealer brush but it can also be used for foundation. The shape is tapered and pointed meaning it covers all corners of your face well ( specially works well around eyes, nose and lips ). For a flawless look steady one-way-sweeping motion is required. No streaking ! Lightweight but less denser than the Contour Brush.

Detailer Brush : This is a tiny brush with slightly tapered shape. It’s a good brush for lipcolors or covering acne spots. I use this to dab on concealer on spots that need coverage. A multi purpose brush that double up as smudger too. The lightest in kit.

core collection brushes

Important BnB Tips :

  1. I suggest using the Buffing brush for liquid foundation instead of powder.
  2. The Detailer Brush works well to apply bold lip colors and I even use it to smudged my liner for quick smokey eye effect.
  3. The Pointed Foundation Brush works well with concealer for covering under eye circles.
  4. I use Contour brush to apply bronzer in hollows of my cheekbones.

Overall, The Real Techniques Core Collection series covers basic brushes that are ideal for daily use and can help you to apply makeup with ease. It is indeed a very affordable brush set having that elite high-end brush quality. They really enhance the way your make up is applied!

Quality : 5/5  Value : 4/5  Application : 5/5

BnB Ratings : 5/5

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