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Clinique Super Balanced Makeup Foundation – Review and FOTDย 

Product Name : Clinique Superbalanced Makeup

Price : USA : $23 , India : INR 1950

Quantity : 30 ml
Shelf Life : 3 years
Shades Available : 22 shades in USA , 12 shades in India

Clinique Super Balanced Foundation

Product Claim : The smart makeup. Liquid foundation with adjustable, oil-free coverage provides moisture and absorbs oil when and where needed. Silky upon application.

My Thoughts :

Clinique Superbalance Makeup is my latest discovery. It debuted on my Instagram way before I started actually using it. Maybe I used it once but somehow at that time I was too enthusiastic to try the New Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which I got along with Superbalanced.

I must admit that it was tough finding a right shade for my skin-tone. Also the lady at Clinique counter tricked me into getting a darker shade. But you learn from your mistakes and so I suggest doing some research beforehand. I fail to understand why so less shades are available here in India.

Clinique Super Balanced Foundation Review

Packaging : In this department the product gets negative marking. There is no pump and the mouth is too large which results into a lot of product wastage. Whilst the bottle looks cute I honestly prefer tube packaging for travel. I wish they provided a little pump for hygiene and to dispense right amount of product.

Shade : For reference I’m NC 30 in MAC and shade 52 Vanilla in Bourjois, I have warm undertone and neutral or cool shades doesn’t look good on me. The shade 04 Cream Chamois is darker and has Neutral undertones and I totally regret buying that shade. Even a dark foundation looks good if it matches your undertone. ๐Ÿ™‚

Formula : Now coming to the most important part ‘THE Formula’, this one has a faultless ideal formula that seem to work very well for dry as well as oily skin types, one of the best formula in the beauty market. Superbalance formula will work on acne prone oily skin type and also on dry, matured and dull skin complexion. Quite frankly, my readers ask me more intermittently what foundation I’m wearing when I’m using Superbalance Makeup. The unique hydrating and oil-controlling formula doesn’t look greasy throughout the day, nor does it slide or look oily.

Finish & Coverage : It blends into my skin like a dream and completely disappears leaving my skin better looking. No extra efforts in the blendingย area. The Finish looks natural matte at first but after few minutes it mutate into a dewy finish. Coverage ranges from medium to high, depending on how it is applied. I prefer applying them with a buffing brush for medium coverage.

FOTD Drama :ย 

Clinique Superbalanced Makeup


Staying Power : Things ( makeup things mostly )get worse when hot & humid weather strikes. Even the best foundation doesn’t seem to last on my skin for more than a 3hrs. This one has a great staying power and in normal climate it can last upto 8 hours without any sign of oxidization. Post 7 hours it fades evenly on my oily skin and I start to see shiny spots around my nose post 7-8 hours.

BnB Tips : For a more professional-looking application, use a foundation brush to blend foundation. To set foundation and prolong its wear-time, dust translucent powder on top of it.

Overall, Clinique Superbalanced Makeup ( Foundation ) is a mind blowing gem and gosh it has the bestest formula and finish. Works on variety of skin types and if you find your perfect match your skin will look flawless. ๐Ÿ™‚

Summary :

  • Texture : Creamy
  • Finish : Natural
  • Fragrance : No
  • Formula : Oil Free, Hydrating and Oil-controlling.
  • Lasting Power : 8 hours plus
  • Coverage : Medium

Pros ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

  • Good for oily skin
  • Great coverage
  • Non greasy
  • Oil Free
  • Does not oxidize
  • Doesnโ€™t break me out
  • Blend-able
  • Oil Free Formula
  • Good Staying Power
  • Natural looking finish
  • Works well on all skin types
  • Photographs well
  • Suitable for all skin typesย 

Cons ๐Ÿ™ย 

  • Packaging , the mouth of the bottle gets messy
  • No SPF ( it is a pro for me since it looks good on camera )
  • Limited shades available in India
  • Pricey

Will I repurchase ? Yes ! I definitely recommend it and will buy it again.

Final Verdict : I really love how blend-able it is. It seriously looks like Iโ€™m not wearing any makeup.ย 

BnB Rating : 4.5/5

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