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Maybelline Colossal Liner in Black 

~ Author Pallavi 

A few months back, Maybelline launched a new liquid liner. And it was everywhere, like literally everywhere. So much of talk about it.  Then and there, I knew I had to get my hands on it.

Maybelline The Colossal Liner Review and Swatches


Price- Rs. 425 in India.

My First Impression

The packaging is really cute. It looks like a pen, easy to hold and very convenient to work with. But the packaging part could’ve been better. While closing the cap, you need to be really careful as you don’t want to damage the tip. Other than that, it is fully dressed in black shade with yellow fonts on it.

My Experience 

As the liner has a felt tip, it’s really comfortable to work with. It will let you make thick as well as thin lines. But I feel the felt tip could’ve been of a better quality. While there’s no fuss in getting the cat eye with this liner, but with repeated use the felt tip tends to wear off. So you need to handle it with care.


 When I had just bought this liner, I kept it with my other eye pencils and I notice that the tip had dried a little. So I realized that you need to keep it in an inverted position. Also when you keep it inverted, the product accumulates at the nib, so before using it you need to wipe it off with a tissue or you’ll end up with messy hands.

Maybelline Colossal Liner in Black Maybelline The Colossal Liner Review

Staying Power  In humid climate, it tends to smudge a little. Also if you end up making a thick line, it tends to transfer onto your crease. So you need to go easy on humid days. But in every day application, it’ll last up to 8 hours, provided you don’t rub your eyes. Removing it is no big task; just water does the trick.

Color/Pigmentation  The product appears really dark and one swipe is enough to get that intense dark lines.


How I wear it – I prime my lids first and make sure my lids are not greasy when I use this liner. Actually when I wore this liner for the first time, it was a horribly hot humid day and when I got back home after 5-6 hours, I saw that the liner got transferred onto my crease. So to prevent that from happening, I make sure my lids are well moisturized yet not greasy.

Capture eyee eyeeeeeee

So after that I use the slant tip of the liner to draw a line really close to my lash line. I continue by extending a line from my lower lash line. Then I join the two lines to get a winged liner. Of course this isn’t an everyday look but you need to agree, it looks sexy as hell!

So what was so special about this liner?! The answer to that is, “A felt tip”.

I absolutely love the cat eye, but then again, who doesn’t?! So for all the beginners out there, this is the perfect liner to start with. It’s literally the most convenient liquid liner to start with.

Overall-  Uhmm…I’m gonna have to say that I ended up loving it. The main reason is the precision. The tip is so fine that you can recreate all those complicated looks that you see on high end models with ease. I will absolutely buy it again Although I get my way with liquid liners but I still feel that this is an amazing liner; unbelievably easy to work with.  It’s one of the best liners I’ve ever come across. And for beginners, I highly recommend you give it a try.


Shade– Jet black!
Formula- a little runny, but dries quickly.
Staying power- will stay on all day
Final Verdict- If you’ve just started out with liquid liners, this is a must have in your vanity kit. And if you already use liquid liners, it doesn’t hurt to give this a try.


What I like about The Colossal Liner ?

  • Its hold and application is very easy.
  • The product is intense black.
  • Easy to draw thick as well as thin lines.
  • Lasts for a long time.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Can be easily removed.
  • The packaging
  • Flexible tip
  • Easily available

What I Didn’t like about The Colossal Liner?

  • Need to keep it in inverted position.
  • Product accumulates at the base of the felt tip.
  • The product is a little runny for my liking.

Bnb Rating-4.5/5


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