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Hello Beautiful Cupcakes !
Nothing pleases me more than a great gift, I realize this is a frequent statement of mine but it is sooo true.

Last week I was gifted Sugarbox a personalized monthly subscription box- a product I treasured since the day it landed on my door. You can judge me but there is something more wonderful than having a box full of products you adore – be it chocolates, a piece of jewelry or a cute printed pajama. A Personalized gift box makes us all feel that little more special and I think it is something we all secretly enjoy.

The great news is that Sugarbox India is here and you can also have such a special gift customized only for you –


My Review :

I was so intrigued by the launch of Sugarbox India because like most of the girls out there I enjoy pampering and surprising myself on monthly basis.

In case you aren’t familiar with Sugarbox, it is a monthly subscription service that sends its members a beautiful box packed with their exclusive products that are customized and hand-picked just for you! Their box has an incredible value so much that you will be amazed at how they do it.


And omgsh how can I forget to mention that it is loaded with all full size goodies and not any samples. Unlike many subscription boxes found in India Sugarbox is big in size and that does not affect they way it is packed, the product comes in a secure packaging. On opening you will receive a 25% off discount coupon code. From the packaging itself you can get the idea that something alluring is stored inside.

I got the Spring Edition which is loaded with so many adorable goodies that shout spring ! Have A Look –

What I Got In The Box ?

A LipBalm 

DSC04004Bubblgum must have gotten some new packaging because I almost thought I didn’t know what brand this was. This one is a pretty lip balm to try and it quickly made place in my makeup bag !

A cute Pajama

Right now this is the most adorable payama I own, Soo Spring -Perfect ! Whether I’m up at the crack of dawn editing or just cooking, these cute pajamas will keep me in a super comfy and happy mode.

Fragrance : Aromatherapy

This fresh, floral, Aromatherapy by nature is the new unforgettable essence of calmness that you will need in your room. This scent is grounded by strong diffusion, floral notes, and freshness of nature.

A Sipper Bottle :

Do you carry Sipper for Gym workouts, or when running around town for work, this Classic Bottle can help you stay hydrated on the go and the right shape reduces any chance of spillage. This was wanted so much !

Necklace :

Such a creatively designed piece that will work on any outfit. I always wanted something like this one and my wish was totally fulfilled by Sugarbox !

M&Ms ….yayyy

I’m always looking for something for M&M’s whenever I crave for chocolate and was really surprised to find this in the box.

A Wallet

A picture is enough to know how cute this wallet is. Too cute for carrying cash !


My basic expectations from a Monthly Subscription box –

  • They should always surprise me with something new and interesting
  • The products should be of good quality
  • The value of what I get in the box should come close to what I pay for.

Overall , Sugarbox fulfills all my expectations and is definitely a subscription box for everyone irrespective age ! I find that I can use all the products that I received in this box. They also send a 25% discount coupon. The value of the products far outweighs the cost you pay. I’m so very impressed that they sent excellent quality full size goodies and not any samples. Go now & subscribe ! You won’t be disappointed ! 🙂

Sugarbox review DSC03995

What I Liked About SugarBox India ? 🙂

  • Free Shipping 
  • You get Full Size Products 
  • You get good quality products
  • Discount Coupon 
  • Creatively Customized 
  • Ideal gift to pamper yourself
  • Perfect gifting option

BnB Rating 5/5 

How To Subscribe ? Just Click HERE 



Love Heart Shreya

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Disclaimer: I am not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely my own.

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