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Hello Everyone !  🙂

You all enjoyed reading about how & why I took #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge for my readers here – Gillette Venus Challenge.

Now today I’m back with another post were many of my doubts or so called myths about shaving got busted. Read on to find out how ….

Fact or Myth – Shaving leaves skin dry & flaky

Shaving is still considered a no-no. The painful waxing methods are still preferred by most women. They shy away citing multiple reasons – skin getting tanned, skin turning flaky or skin feeling dry and itchy.

Is this true? Does this really happen? Does shaving our skin really have such effects? Besides, if shaving really did have so many side effects, all the men in the world would have turned monsters!

Gillette Venus

Let’s find out!

Recently I found out a stylish companion to my rescue – Gillette Venus, the shaving razor designed for all the pretty women out here. In my previous post I described how I came across the product and also about my self made doubts about shaving. 

Gillete Venus Razor

About my skin : I have a normal skin type which tends to get oily in summer and dry – dehydrated in winter.

Today I’ll be trying one the Venus razors as a trial to ascertain the fact or myth – Does Shaving leave our skin dry & flaky?

So here we go – This new Gillette Venus has variety of new features and beautifully designed for a easy and safe shaving experience. You can never go wrong with it. It has refillable & disposable razors which takes care of your delicate skin. What’s more, you can keep a track by looking at the indicator strip which has goodness of Aloe and Vitamin E. 

Gillette Venus comes with the refillable system razors technology. I recommend buying Gillette Venus Cartridge pack of 4 . Every single cartridge has three blades that are cleverly engulfed in protective soft cushions which result in smoothening effect after using the razor.

Gillette Venus Review

Conclusion : This New Gillette Venus allows a safe and close shave just the way I like it. Skin feels soft, clean and looks better.  

The moment of truth

The soft edges and specially designed handles make up for an easy grip & quick shave. The razor comfortably slides on the skin leaving the skin smooth and shiny. This contradicts the conception of having a dry & flaky skin post shave. Here my skin was as fresh as a cucumber. And I am surprised at the retained moisture too. There’s no sight of flaky skin either. I like the shine & smoothness of the skin that shows up post-shave, all thanks to easy-to-use Venus razor and the amazingly designed blades. 

Myth Busted

Shaving does not leave skin dry or flaky. Instead the easy to use New Gillette Venus razor helps retain moisture & replenish your skin whilst taking away dead skin cells and rising up the hygiene quotient. My skin feels smooth & baby soft…. I’ll be surely using this again ! 

Gillette Venus

#SubscribeToSmooth Challenge is getting quite interesting.
Are you waiting for PART 3 were I’ll be sharing some before – after pictures 😉 

Now that the myth is busted, would you shave? Share your comments below.

Happy Shaving Girls :-* 

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