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Hello Beauty Addicts ! 

Our readers already know how I took the #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge by Gillette Venus and if you’re new you must read our first post here – Gillette Venus Challenge.

After that I busted a few Myths in the second post hereShaving Myth Busted  . The shaving experience was so gentle without any pain and  safer than any other hair removal techniques I know .

Gillette Venus

Fact or Myth – Shaving alters skin color & spoils skin texture : 

Shaving skin is quite not a trend amongst women. What if our skin gets spoiled? Doesn’t hair texture change due to continue shaving? Skin turns dark no? Itchy too right?  – Similar questions keep doing the rounds. Somehow, going to the parlour & having waxing done is considered quite easy. With the advent of new shaving razors for women, will this mantra change for good?

Gillette Venus

Let’s figure out!

You might wonder how I’m going to figure out a way so here’s the hint. Presenting our stylish & chic friend successfully ruling women’s hearts and err…skin – Gillette Venus.

You can never forget the refillable, disposable cartridges and built in shave gel and the new Venus razor is keeping women really happy.

Gillette Venus 3

What are we out to figure?

Whether shaving skin leaves skin irritated/discolored/patchy and is it a safe alternative to the painful & tedious waxing.

Great, what next?

Armed with a Venus, I move on to the procedure. My skin type is normal – partly dry and partly oily. The razor is well balanced and comfortable to hold in one hand. It’s designed keeping in mind the grip & comfort. I really like the idea because after all, holding the razor properly will ensure that I get the best results.

Gillette Venus Review

The final destination

Baited breath? To know the results? Here you go – My skin feels smooth, shiny & soft. It’s nowhere patchy or itchy. The moisture level is high as shaving eliminates all the dead skin cells. It’s been more than a week since I shaved and my new hair strands have the same texture as before. There’s no change in my skin/hair color or texture.

Recommend it?

Yes indeed. Shaving is way better and comfortable than the parlour visits. Now that the myth is busted, would you shave? Share your comments below. 🙂

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