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My Makeup Haul from London :
Urban Decay Naked Palette, Naked Palette 3, All Nighter Makeup Spray,
NARS Foundation and NARS Concealer.

Hello Friends ! 

The best thing about London holidays is shopping on Oxford Street and like any other normal girl I enjoy pampering myself once a while with a few expensive gifts.

The primary purpose of makeup haul posts is sharing what I enjoyed shopping, just like the way I share with my best friends. It simply makes me more happy and gives my readers a chance to ask for review.

Below you can see the stuff that can easily make a beauty blogger jump with joy. 😀

London Makeup Haul


Some girls have a weakness for diamonds, others for double cheese base PIZZA – but mine, hands down, is weakness for Urban Decay & NARS. 😀

Sadly these brands are not easily available here in India, getting Naked Palettes and NARS Foundation is more like a dream come true for Indian Bloggers. Comment below if you want these brands to get launched here soon 😉

Makeup Haul

Let me start with NARS products, the first time I went to the NARS counter I was totally baffled and awestruck at the same time like a small kid in a donut shop. I had to shop wisely & save money, since London was my first destination and I know I had nearly 6 more destinations to go. So I got the famous NARS Sheer Glow Foundation & the best seller NARS Creamy Concealer. I skipped NARS orgasm and highlighter since my vanity is almost loaded with unused blushes.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation were on my lust list forever. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer was next since almost every favorite youtube Guru of mine raves about it. I had done my research very well beforehand about shades that will match me. (Btw after travelling for nearly a month my skin-tone is now changed to NC 35 and I’m totally loving the holiday TAN.)

NARS Makeup Haul NARS Creamy Radiant Concealer NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

The next shopping destination was the Urban Decay counter 🙂

First I got the original Urban Decay NAKED PALETTE which is considered as THE ultimate authority in eyeshadow palettes. It has beauty industry’s most iconic eyeshadow shades which look perfect for everyday use. NAKED PALETTE 3 was my next choice and on swatching I could completely understand why so many girls are obsessed about it. The Famous All Nighter Makeup Spray by Urban Decay was an addition encouraged by the cute SA. Yes I totally forgot I wanted one. I also got free sample of primers. Maybe some experimental eye looks by a over excited beauty blogger coming soon 😀

Urban Decay Haul Urban Decay Naked Palette Urban Decay Naked 3

Only makeup lovers know how it feels to get Urban Decay Naked Palette 1 and Palette 3 together. Yayyyy ! Yes now I can completely understand THE state of mind of a girl who wins Miss World Crown or I know exactly how a lottery winner feels. Ahhhh ! DIVINE

There is no single product that I can say is a absolute stand out from the bunch. Each one of this product was on my lust list for a pretty long time. Just Seeing these products in my vanity brightens up my day (saga of a makeup addict )

I will keep this post short and leave you to enjoy the pictures. 🙂

Haul NARS & UD

PLEASE don’t forget to demand below in the comment box – detailed reviews, FOTDs, Instagram or Facebook swatches, Comparisons between Palettes or any other information! I will TAG you so that you can instantly get your answer.

Did you enjoy the Haul ? What is your Lust List ?



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