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{ Sleek Brow Kit in Dark Pictures by Editor Shreya;
Review & Sleek Brow Kit in Extra Dark Pictures ~ Nidhi }

There’s something lust-worthy about having a sleek kit. This American brand has taken India by storm over the last couple of years. Sleek provides exotic range of quality makeup palettes at affordable prices.

Today you will find our Top Author Nidhi talking about Sleek Brow Kit in Extra Dark. You’ll also see some pictures and swatches of the Brow Kit in Dark by me. I thought this will give you guys some idea about the difference between both the shades.

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark, pic : Editor)

(Sleek Brow Kit in Dark, pic : Editor)

Frame your face, whilst giving the eye area an instant lift with our Brow Kit.

This set includes:

  • Pigmented wax for shaping
  • Powder for setting
  • Mini tweezers
  • Mini angled brush
  • Mini blending brush
  • Mirror

Net wt.: 3.8g /0.13oz

Price: 12.99$

How to Use:

  1. Apply the pigmented wax using the mini angled brush in gentle strokes, to shape and define brows. Follow the direction the brow hair naturally grows
  2. Use the round blending brush to apply the setting powder. This will fill in sparse areas and lock brows in place
  3. Pluck away any stray hairs using the discreet mini tweezers

Availability: Sleek website

My Experience:

Hi everyone. It’s been quite some time now that I have written for BnB as I had been quite busy lately. But today I am back with the review of one of my most useful purchases from Sleek which is the Brow Kit in Extra Dark shade.

Filling in the brows was the least important task for me while doing my makeup. I had never even thought that concentrating on defined brows can make such a lovely change to your entire makeup look. From the day, I bought this sleek brow kit, filling in my brows have been an easy task and the end result is just too good to go unnoticed.

Pic : Editor

Pic : Editor

Sleek Brow Kit

(Sleek Brow Kit in Dark; Pic : Editor )

(Sleek Brow Kit in Dark; Pic : Editor )


Packaging: The brow kit contains a wax and brow powder separately. You are required to first use the wax to define and shape your brows and then fill in the brow powder to achieve a flawless, well-defined look. Both these products separately work wonderfully and are apt for the job chosen.

The kit even includes the brushes to work with the wax and brow powder along with a huge mirror that makes it all the more a perfect kit. The small cute angled brush and the brow fill brush are just perfect for the job. Use the angle brush to define the brows using the wax and use the brow blending brush to fill in the brow powder.

Sleek Brow Kit

Lastly the kit contains a mini tweezers too which comes handy while removing the stray hair. I do find to use this too when I don’t find time to get my brows made :P.

Shade (Extra Dark ) : Extra Dark is just perfect for my black brow hair. This shade would suit most Indian hair color if you have dark brown/black brow hair. The wax and the brow powder are almost similar in shade and so work beautifully together and help to achieve dark defined brows without looking fake/made-up.

Sleek Brow Kit in Extra Dark

Shade (Dark) : 
Both the shades dark & extra dark will be suitable for black hair beauties. If don’t have thick eyebrows or the growth is sparse Sleek Brow Kit in Dark will go a great job. Its easy to use and gives you a natural and well defined look! A brilliant dupe for benefits brow bar 😉

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark; Pic : Editor)

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark; Pic : Editor)

The wax is pigmented enough and soft and smooth in texture. It applies sheer if used normally and you can just define the brow shape first or even apply this wax over your entire brows. I have used this brow wax alone too sometimes when I want to achieve the most natural looking yet filled brows. The wax doesn’t harden up the hair and just adds the needed pigmentation.

The next step is to fill in the brow powder which is slightly lighter than the wax but pigmented, still it never makes your brows looking un-natural. The brow powder is again soft in texture, does not fly away, is densely packed, pigmented and apply nicely. I fill in this brow powder with a light hand just once as I am not a fan of heavy made-up brows.

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark; Pic Editor

Sleek Brow Kit in Dark; Pic Editor


Sleek Brow Kid in Extra Dark; Pic : Nidhi

Sleek Brow Kid in Extra Dark; Pic : Nidhi

Staying Power
The brow powder stays intact for practically the whole day and the wax below lets that do so nicely. Even if rest of my makeup fades away, I have not seen any change in my defined brows even after several hours. It’s even water-resistant upto some extent.

All in all, the kit is quite sturdy and compact and highly effective in use. It is a must have in everyone’s kitty if you need the proper product to take care of your brows.

Sleek Brow Kit Review Sleek Brow Kit Review

What I like: 🙂 

  • Dark Brown shade is just perfect for Indian hair color
  • The kit is compact and sturdy
  • The wax works beautifully in defining brows naturally
  • The brow powder is pigmented and soft in texture that does not make your brows look ashy.
  • The brushes included are perfect for the jobs.
  • Mini tweezers come handy in case of travels.
  • Stay put for several hours

What I dislike: 🙁 

  • High price compared to other similar products.
  • Not available in India.
  • Shipping/customs have to be paid extra to pick this.




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