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First I’d like to ask what type of face pack you like to use mostly. Natural homemade face packs are the best but we also use few more types available in the market.  There are face pack powders available to which you can mix some rose water to make paste and then use. But I prefer readymade face packs available in the market instead of these. All the working women usually prefer these due to ease of usage.

Himalaya is such a brand which doesn’t breakout skin and so is a trusted brand. This fairness face pack from Himalaya is something mostly found in many houses due to its affordable price and availability but does this really work? Is it effective?

Let’s check the review below.


Price: INR 70 for 50 g


My Experience 


It comes in a regular plastic tube with green flip cap. Since the packaging is strong, it’s absolutely travel friendly. If you are going for a long trip, you can definitely drop it in your handbag and travel. It is very affordable and is easily available in the market.

Smell & Consistency:

I’m not an expert in explaining the fragrances but this smells decent and so if you have sensitive nose, you can go for it. It doesn’t smell strong enough to trouble you. The face pack is thick and creamy; you don’t need to put much effort to apply it over face. Most of the face packs of same consistency. Once applied, it may take around 15 – 20 minutes to dry and this comes off easily while rinsing.

Himalaya Fairness Kesar Face Pack Review



I’m using this face pack quite some time and I don’t think it can give side effects. It gives instant glow to the face and on long run can help in getting rid of temporary tan; I mean if you have pigmentation, it can’t help. If you are a working woman, then making homemade packs isn’t for you. This pack is good and affordable.

It may not give super fair skin but it doesn’t harm either. I’d say it’s a gentle and herbal face pack which can suit almost all skin types which can help in maintaining your skin glow. All the natural ingredients used in this pack are so tempting especially kesar for glowing skin. However I don’t think this can be used in winters or can be used on too dry skin. Go for a good hydrating pack instead. 

Himalaya Fairness Face Pack

Pros: 🙂 

  • Affordable
  • Easily availble
  • Tight packaging and is travel friendly
  • Tube packaging is hygienic
  • Thick creamy texture
  • Comes off easily while rinsing
  • Doesn’t make skin dry and stretchy
  • Gives instant glow to the skin lasting for around 5 hours
  • May remove tan on long run
  • Consists of natural ingredients like saffron, turmeric, aloe vera etc.

Cons: 🙁 

  • Contains alcohol and parabens



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