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Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (new 36hr Formula)
Review, EOTD and Swatches 

( Author ~ Sanchita )

Hello Beauties !

With my stash full of black kohls, liquid eye liners and felt pen eyeliners, I asked myself before buying this gel liner, do you I really need this? Well, then I was hit the awesomeness of this gel liner which I had previous used back in the day it was released in India.

That’s the beauty of Maybelline products, if they are good you just can’t stop buying them again and again. Last year they had revamped the packaging a little and introduced the product with a new 36HR formula. Now, nobody needs eyeliner for that long but I believe the product was definitely worth buying for the quality.

Read on to know the details of the gel liner.

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (1)



PackagingThe packaging, as mentioned, is refurbished a little which is way better than the previous version. It with a rectangular thick glass pot base with a sleek black screw cap instead of a cheap aluminum one. Overall, it looked very classy and gave that feel of a high end product. Maybelline gel liners have the weird habit of drying up but try storing it upside which might help a little.

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Applicator Brush -With a budget-friendly price tag for a gel eyeliner, it also comes with a brush! Now, this is impressive because the brush is actually useful. You draw thin to very thick line with the brush and it is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. The bristles are soft and quite competent in picking up right amount of product as well as in application. The brush also comes with a transparent cap which is really useful during travelling.

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Color & Texture – The color black is the blackest black of a gel liner and wont definitely disappoint you. The texture is extremely creamy and velvety smooth. It has not a flick of shimmer or frost and the liner is completely matte. It sets in with a soft matte finish within a minute or so but not an uncomfortable dry flaky one.

PigmentationThe pigmentation is worth talking about as well. With a single stroke it gives a rich, intense and pigmented black line and I never felt the need to apply another layer for opaque touch. The color payoff is equally commendable for the waterline without any hint of irritation or burning sensation even when I wear lenses.

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FormulaThe formula, as claimed to be smudge-proof and water-proof is true to a large extent. Unless you vigorously rub your eyes like hell, it is not going to smudge at all. It is also waterproof as I have splash water several times but it didn’t budge at all.

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Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (6)

Staying powerThe claim of 36H is, however, a bit funny because no one would wear eyeliner that long! I have worn it in every season – be it summer or winter, it remains intact for 12-14hours easily on the eyelids without fading at all. It only accumulates near the tear duct slightly due to my watery eyes but then every liner does that. On waterline, it stays well enough around 5-6hours and then starts fading slightly.

OVERALL A drugstore gel liner that outshines each and every section – from packaging to staying power. In fact, on some level, it even better than some high end ones as well. The product is extremely good and I believe Maybelline can launch some new launches of this too!



  1. Plushy packaging and also travel friendly.
  2. It come with a proper liner brush.
  3. Intense black color that sets in with a matte finish.
  4. Can be worn on waterline without any irritation.
  5. Smooth creamy texture.
  6. Rich pigmentation with single swipe itself.
  7. Smudge proof and water proof.
  8. Staying power is around 12-14hr without getting messy.
  9. Reasonable price tag.


  1. Not that easy to remove.

Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (4)


Packaging – Sleek, well-crafted and travel-friendly.Brush – can draw both thin and thick lines.

Shade – Matte blackest black. Need I say more?

Texture – Creamy smooth.

Pigmentation – rich and intense pigmentation with single swipe.

Staying Power – around 12-14 without being untidy.





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