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Hello Lovelies !

Over the last few years the beauty world has become over obsessed with the concept of ‘anti-oxidants’ and ‘anti-aging’. Every cosmetic company has a product that promises to “turn back the clock,”!  For me ageing isn’t a bad thing, in fact it is a beautiful part of our life. Why should we be ashamed of it? However, no matter what your age is its quite important to take care of yourself.

Green Tea is known as a magical herb which is loaded with many skincare benefits. The Body Shop brought the Green Tea skincare trend to the Indian market in 2015. Let’s find out about the scrub that I picked up from their green tea range….


Product description

Name- The Body Shop Green Tea Body Scrub

Price- INR 1295

Quantity- 250 ml

Availability- Widely available online as well as across all TBS outlets!


My experience

Packaging- If there was ever a classier packaging for a scrub, i bet the body shop would have got that too, for its range of luxurious scrubs! This particular TBS Green Tea Scrub comes in a see through jar, which if you ask me is quite sturdy and lightweight in nature! The jar has a silver screw lid which shuts quite tightly! In my 3 months of usage i have never experienced any kind of spillage or leakage from the jar–even when i packed it in my suitcase and travelled along with it! Yes, as intriguing as it may sound, i take all my skincare, body and bath essentials with me, no matter where i travel to! Yes, that’s so me! 


Product Texture– I know this sub heading may look a bit clumsy for a scrub review, but the shade of the scrub is so gorgeous and almost citrusy that i could not contain myself without sharing the colour of the scrub! Coming to the point, the shade if the product is such a gorgeous, and fresh hue if lime green, leaning towards a citrusy green! Quite apt for the green tea claim! The scrub comes in a very pleasant gel base and has exfoliating beads of two different types! The beads are not at all abrasive; instead they are so finely milled that the scrub can be teemed as a daily-use scrub because of the mild exfoliation that it has to offer!  The scrub has in its gel base two variants if exfoliants! One are the white exfoliant beads which take up the responsibility of structured, yet mild abrasions on the skin! While in the other hand are the tiny green pearls which seem to explode or burst open to give an uplifting sense of freshness! 


Fragrance- True to its green tea claims and range if products, The Body Shop Green Tea Scrub smells so luxuriantly fresh and tingling in the skin so as to give an immense boost of freshness! Uhmm how do i put the feeling into words? You know that tingling fragrance when you sniff a freshly brewed cup of lime flavored green tea? If you have, then you know what i mean! No matter how much i love this zesty fragrance, the one complaint which i very strongly have with it is the longevity if the fragrance; or the time period for which it  lingers upon me! The uplifting fresh sensation that it gives upon application, goes away within minutes of washing it off! Yes, saddening indeed! But this can be sorted out by following the scrub with The Body Shop Green Tea Body Butter, which will prolong the fragrance and make it stay for a good 4-5 hours! 

DSC06225 DSC06223

How did the product fare on me- Now that I have been using the product for about 2-2.5 months, I find myself adequately acquainted with the scrub so as to critically comment upon it! On the first sniff, I knew it had to be a summer favorite; and honestly I was not disappointed to say the least! A very mild, almost daily usage scrub; The Body Shop Green Tea Scrub fairs exceedingly well on my combination skin and does soothe the dry patches on my elbows and knees, without causing much of a stubborn friction on the skin! I loved the packaging, the vividly fresh fragrance, the uplifting citrusy sensation that lingers upon application and the fact that it washes off easily without leaving any sticky residue behind! A totally thumbs up product for me, especially for the scorching and humid Indian summers! 

Pros 🙂 

  • Lovely fragrance
  • Leaves behind a Zesty and fresh sensation
  • Washes off easily
  • Very mild on the skin
  • Does not feel abrasive
  • Sturdy, classy and spill-proof packaging
  • Does not leave behind an irksome residue on the skin
  • Can be used on a daily basis

Cons 🙁

  • The fragrance does not stay on for long, unless followed up with TBS Green Tea Body Butter
  • The mildness can be a con fir those on the lookout for an abrasive, thoroughly exfoliating kind of scrub! 




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