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Vega Ease Curl 19mm barrel VHCH-03 Hair Curler Review

( Author ~ Sanchita )

There was a time when straight hair was a thing and now curls are raving in the beauty world. From small to big curls, tight and loose curls – everyone wants to have their hair curled. Although I was blessed with big natural curls of my own; I, too, got addicted to the trend and bought the Vega curler.

I haven’t used a curler before so I thought of starting with a budget friendly brand and wanted to get the hang of the curling system. Read on to know the detailed review on the Vega curler.

Vega Ease Curl 19mm (3)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION ( Information by company )  –  Vega Smooth Curl has ceramic coating technology that creates smooth curls and has adjustable electronic temperature from 120° C to 200° C. For tight curls use smaller portions and for overall wavy style use larger portions.

PRICE – 1499 INR

How To Curl Hair Easily ( Editor Shreya’s Tips ) –

  1. Apply heat protectant on clean and dry hair before using any kind of heat on hair.
  2. Then clasp a 2 to 4-inch section of hair. 
  3. Warp your hair around the barrel, use the clamp to hold your hair ( around 7 seconds) and create curls.
  4. Release gently. 



The curler comes in a strong cardboard box with an ultra-thin manual and the equipment. The curler in sleek black in color and comparatively light weight. The barrel, which is 19mm, as well as the clamp is black in color and works properly. It comes with a long swivel cord which is rotatable and therefore you won’t have to tug and pull the wire in times of need. There is an indicator light and a temperature control. The power indicator helps us to recognize whether it is in “off” or “on” mode. The temperature control is adjustable from 120° C to 200° C as per your need. I was really happy to see the temperature control as is very good for thin hair which can’t tolerate too much heat. Overall, I loved the packaging. Very few curler came with such drooling features and I was glad to choose this.

Vega Ease Curl 19mm (5) Vega Ease Curl 19mm (7)

Coming to the most important feature – curling. The 19mm barrel creates medium bouncy curls with enough volume you require. The clamp helps in keeping the hair in place while curling. The hair needs to be either wrapped around or swirled and then keep it for 1 min approximately. Also, you can twist the hair and wrap it around the barrel to create soft wavy curls. The curler isn’t the best functionality I would say but surely it takes time to learn the tricks. For example, the swirling of hair is difficult but it takes patience and time to do it correctly.

Another thing I noticed is that the curls needs to be given time to set it and do not immediately brush it with finger as this makes them unmanageable completely. The curler is slightly difficult for the medium length hair which has been cut into layers. The small hairs often get stuck or tangles while curling. The frizz factor is always there so make sure you apply loads of conditioner, then heat protectant as well as hold spray to maintain the curls.

Vega Ease Curl 19mm (6) Vega Ease Curl 19mm (8)

The staying power of the curls are around 2-3days if you use a good hold spray and without it is stays for one day maximum. I have the habit touching the curls a lot and hence at the end of the day it starts to get a bit unruly. For straight hair, I believe the curls would only stay for 8-9hours and after that the hair might go back to on its own. 

OVERALL – this hair curler is for beginners. It has the necessary features but lacks to provide shine to the hair. It simply curls and that’s it. For the price, I would say I am happy with what I got.


Features: (by company ) 

  • Chrome plates with ceramic coating
  • Max temperature up to 200° C
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Power indicator light
  • Adjustable electronic temperature control form 120° C to 200° C
  • 360° swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • Voltage 220-240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power 35W
  • 2 year warranty



  1. Really good features.
  2. Light weight and easy to carry around.
  3. Temperature control for thin hair.
  4. Creates medium bouncy curls.
  5. Gives a natural volume by curling.
  6. The clamp is good in holding the hair well while curling.
  7. Staying power is good.
  8. Reasonable pricing.


  1. The curler doesn’t provide shine or smoothen the frizz.
  2. It takes time learn the tricks of using it.
  3. Gets messy for hair which has too many layers.






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