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SkinCafe  Lime Pie Lipbalm, Red Velvet Cake Lip Tint balm & Tiramisu Lip Scrub Review


Hello beauties,

As I was going through products kept on my testing table, I realized something. I had only few lip products! Maybe the reason for this is my ‘hard to please’ attitude, but with time things are changing quickly and my boring vanity is getting a fun summer makeover!

So while hunting for some good lip products I came across a new brand called skincafe. Scroll down to read my experience …



My Experience ?


To begin with, skincafe packaging is to die for. It’s got a pastry shop vibe that I adore. The packaging of these balms remind me of those MAC pigment pots and Maybelline color tattoo pots…..A true beauty junkie’s love! I’ll describe the packaging as super cute and classy. I think it will make a perfect gift!

Flavors and Fragrance:

For those not familiar with skincafe products. Skincafe is a brand that creates your products after you place your order. All the products are freshly made according to customer’s choice. What I can say about the fragrance of these products, you got to try it to believe it! My favorite fragrance has to be the Tiramisu Lip Scrub and Red Velvet Cake Lip tint. I literally have to remind myself that these are lip products and I shouldn’t eat them. I give 100 points for these delicious and yummy flavors.

IMG_7650 IMG_7651 IMG_7652


The best part of these lip products is that they are free of parabens. As I mentioned before skincafe products are made from fresh ingredients and that’s the reason the team creates products after you order. The key ingredients used to make these balms are olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter. While the lip scrub is made of coffee beans. Now that’s beyond awesomeness… Right?

Texture, Finish, Pigmentation:

Both Red Velvet and Lime Pie lip balms have extremely creamy texture. They go on smoothly and just glide like a dream on my lips. I can feel the softness after I use skincafe lipbalms…the hydrating property of these products is not just temporary. These products improve your overall lip condition. 

 Red Velvet Lip tint has the most beautiful and natural looking finish. Red Velvet adds a lovely hint of color. I use it over my mac lipsticks as it gives nice glossy finish along with best hydration to my lips. Tiramisu Lip Scrub is gentle on my lips and I would recommend using this 30 minutes prior to applying any lip color. So my lip routine these days is skincafe lip scrub, lip balm and red velvet lip tint. These three are bomb together!

IMG_7657 IMG_7654 IMG_7658


Since I’m using these three products, I can literally feel the difference in my lips. My lips are dry/dehydrated all year around and including skincafe lip balms have made a huge difference. No I haven’t been paid to say that… but when I like something I go on just writing about it!


IMG_7662 IMG_7665 IMG_7646


Final Verdict? 

Pucker up for Summer 2016 and grab some SkinCafe Lip Tints and Balms ! These  scrubs, balms and tints will keep your lips moist, soft, and hydrated all day long. Skincafe products are specially formulated using fresh, plant-based and natural ingredients. The perfect combination of colors, flavors, natural ingredients and moisturizing properties together help you achieve those irresistibly luscious lips.

(PS : Every time I open Tiramisu Lip Scrub, it’s like opening a jar of chocolate cookies, you get a whiff of that chocolatey goodness and you get lost in some dreamland)


What I Like About Skincafe Products?

  • No parabens used.
  • No harmful chemicals used.
  • Products are freshly made for you after you place order.
  • Variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Natural ingredients like olive oil, cocoa butter, shea butter.
  • Lip balms are extremely hydrating.
  • Tiramiasu Lip scrub is very effective and irresistible.
  • Tints have right amount of pigments and hydration.
  • Cute and lightweight packaging.
  • Perfect for daily use.
  • Great for gifting someone. Rating : 4.8/5



Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. I’m not being paid to write this review. All the opinions are my own and this is my experience with the product.

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