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Hello Sweet cupcakes !

My readers know that if I choose to rave about some product, it is because I really love it or desperately want to share my opinions with you all. I actually used Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash everyday during last summer. You could say this review is long overdue, but I always want to get full use of the product in order to talk about it properly.

It feels so good to make the skin appear fresh and charming, but the longing is encumbered as soon as one steps outside. Studies reveal that pollution, stress, oil and dirt are top reasons for most of the skin-problems. Our face seems to be the most exposed body part, thus being affected the most. One needs to indulge in discovering ways to protect it before it’s too late.  

clean and clear

Make-up is not always a solution to escape from skin problems, as it can only hide imperfections and can’t heal them. That’s why a good skincare routine is a must and for me a proper skincare routine starts with a good face wash! And what could be better if a wash not only removes oil & dirt from your skin but also makes your skin look healthy?  Well that’s what exactly Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash does.

To start this review, I’ll say the bottle is genius. I like such lightweight transparent bottles that are easy to travel with. My beauty regime starts by applying Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash all over my face and neck. Immediately after rinsing your skin feels refreshed and revitalized. It quickly and effectively removes all traces of dirt, oil and makeup.


The result after using this foaming cleanser daily was incredibly amazing. I have oily skin type with occasional breakouts and uneven skin tone. A problem that I tend to have more is that were I’d have a spot, it would scar, and dark spot left behind takes weeks or even months to disappear. I noticed after introducing Clean & Clear Foaming face wash my skin not only started to recuperate, but the acne and spots have drastically reduced. My skin is more even looking now, it’s much healthier and I’ve noticed a huge difference that no other cleanser has even come close to.

It’s so refreshing and I feel like my face literally soaked up all the freshness. It makes my face look so much more radiant and gives a squeaky clean feeling. I still have little bit of product left in the bottle and I’m trying to use is sparingly as I just don’t want it to end. 😀


I always recommend my readers to get rid of all the dirt and impurities from the skin before you hit the bed and Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash is one of those cleansers that makes this task easy. The innovative oil controlling formula helps my skin look fresh all day long and #BeAlwaysReady for anything I need to do next in the day. Before this I always used to complain about my greasy looking complexion and uneven skin. Even after using blotting paper or translucent powder my skin would not look fresh at the end of the day. Thanks to Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash, nowadays I don’t see any oily-greasy patches. The formula of this face wash is gentle as well as effective which makes it suitable for all skin types. I like the way my skin is behaving after including this face wash in my daily beauty routine.

If oil, dirt, and acne are your major concerns then Clean & Clear Foaming Face Wash is a perfect choice. It is gentle enough to be used on all skin-types.


Every year Clean & Clear comes out with some interesting contests the most recent is to encourage the youth exhibit the real beauty. It is a very interesting contest, you just have to answer -WHAT WILL YOU #BeAlwaysReady for, with 8 hours oil control?

How you can enter the contest? 

 Go to Clean& Clear Facebook page, comment saying what will you be ready for with oil-free skin, submit picture and tag your friends. Winners of this contest could stand a chance to win gift hamper & be the next new face of Clean & Clear! Now that’s amazing, RIGHT?

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Clean & Clear Facebook Page:

Overall Rating: 5/5




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