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Mitti Se Anti-Hairfall Oil Revitalizing & Relaxing Review 

(Author ~  Experience by Priya & Editor Shreya, Pictures by editor )

Waking up to a pillow with hair strands is definitely not a happy thing in the morning. Infact hairfall is the last thing I want after acne breakouts. So, one fine day I took my phone and immediately started to Google for remedies to cure hairfall, apart from change in diet, exercises and hair treatments. While doing all the research online I remembered I got a hair oil bottle in my May ohcutebox. It was time to give it a try 😉

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My Experience ?

The packaging of the hair oil is as effective as the hair oil. It comes in a transparent, cylindrical plastic bottle with a flip open cap, thus I can easily carry it with me wherever I go. As it is evident, the oil is brown in color and has a light, herbal smell-which is a great thing.

  As the brand Mitti Se focuses on producing natural and toxic free products, this anti hairfall oil bottle is filled with herbs. Once the oil gets over, you can re-fill the bottle full of herbs with sesame oil. That’s a way beyond amazing concept! This innovative formula has made me a biggest fan of this hair oil before even using it.

Moving on to the texture of the hair oil, it is light and neither runny or greasy. You can massage this hair oil before going to bed as the formula is specially made for relaxing your mind. I do this oiling ritual twice a week & I think its the most de-stressing activity I ever came across. I would suggest to apply a coin size amount of hair oil for shoulder length hair if you are applying this in daytime. Ladies looking for non sticky anti hairfall oil, will be too happy to include this product in their hair-care routine.

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            Coming back to my experience, this hair oil  makes my hair super soft, smooth and healthy. It gives my hair a nice texture and glossy finish. It is suggested to either apply the hair oil an hour before shampooing or overnight. So, during my weekends I apply it overnight and massage my head for 15-20 minutes, which helps in improving the scalp’s blood circulation. 

The organic herbs that are filled in the bottle are the key ingredients. This hair oil has ingredients like pure amla and shikakai which helps in stimulating hair growth. Amla nourishes your hair from the root to tip and reduces hair fall. The other herbs in this oil are musk root, nutgrass, Harad (Chebula), Baheda (Belliric) soaked in Sesame (Til) Oil and essential oil of Indian Basil. All these ingredients help in hair growth and curing hairfall. The best thing about the product is that it is free from paraben and other harsh chemicals and the oil used is a combination of sesame oil and essential oil of Indian basil. Sesame helps in regaining the hair health, provides deep conditioning and nourishes the scalp, whereas Indian basil acts as a coolant and de-stresses the mind.

Along with anti hair fall properties, the oil even assists in conditioning and strengthening the hair. With each application, I find my hair shiny and smooth and yes, I can see a considerable change in my hair volume & texture. 


OVERALL- thank god I found this product in my Beauty Box (ohcutebox). It came to me when I was looking for a hairfall rescue product. Due to my hairfall my hair looked thin, dull and lifeless, but this anti hairfall oil has shown results in weeks and I feel due to its deep penetration property and innovative 100% natural formula, it has helped in preventing further hair loss. 


  1. Lightweight packaging which makes it easy to carry during travel.
  2. Light fragrance.
  3. Non-greasy texture of the oil that makes it easy to wash off.
  4. Stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.
  5. Natural hair oil that is free from toxics and chemicals.
  6. Helps in relaxing the mind due to the essential oil of basil.
  7. It helps in nourishing damaged hair.
  8. Affordable price.

BnB Editor Shreya says, ” These days everyone is well aware of the importance of using good quality hair products for healthy and manageable hair. However, for me last year or so it has been tough to find a good product, I’ve been hunting online to find a natural products that would actually give me some results. My hair is extremely dry at the ends, tangled like crazy, and would probably start breaking off if I use any tools.

I’ve never used Mitti Se products before, but knew they had a fan following for those with damaged hair…so I was extremely happy when I received a bottle in my MAY ohcutebox.  I have started using this oil regularly and found a huge huge difference in my hair volume ! Happpyyy ME 🙂

BnB Ratings : 9.6/10

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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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