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Inatur Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask Review

(Tested by Assistant Editor Priya & Editor Shreya, Pictures by Editor Shreya)

Hey Girls,

Wouldn’t it be great if we had Rapunzel hair? No, not that long, but at least long, shiny, damage-free and free from hair fall. I always dreamt of having healthy hair (who doesn’t?), but my lifestyle somehow crushes my dreams easily. Due to constant travel and change of cities, I have been having constant hair fall and basically damaged hair. My hair isn’t very frizzy but I have thin hair texture which is always on the hair-fall mode.
I sometimes think of doing sirsasana (headstand yoga) which is believed to reduce hair fall, ok let’s be practical, I possibly do everything to protect my hair. But when shampoos, diet, change in lifestyle failed, I decided to go herbal (a risky step). There is a brand which is presently my favorite- Inatur, which creates products that are safe and nourishing. Inatur has created Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask, that has faired well in treating my damaged hair.


Continue reading for knowing the wellness of the product.

My Review:

The packaging of the hair mask isn’t very fancy. It comes in a simple cylindrical, transparent plastic bottle with a screw cap. The best thing I like about the packaging is that, on the label they have mentioned the herbs they have used and how they benefit in protecting hair.


Regarding the fragrance, the hair mask key ingredient is Moroccan Argan oil, so it has a light nutty smell which disappears soon. Hence, it shows that the Moroccan oil used is genuine.

Like any other hair mask, the consistency of the hair mask is thick and creamy. The white, thick texture of the hair mask has a similar texture as that of conditioner. As I have already shared that my hair texture is thin, so I didn’t have to apply plenty of the thick hair mask on my hair.

I basically love the ingredients of the hair mask. And I guess because I love it, it has shown a great deal of change to my hair :). I am sure many of you would have used at least one of the ingredient in your homemade hair pack. The main herbs in making the hair mask are argan oil, hibiscus extract, fenugreek extract and henna extract. Apart from these, the hair mask contains natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, lavender oil. Doesn’t it sound wonderful, everything natural?


Formula and Benefits:
Ok, this section would be really long, but I want to rave about each natural ingredient that nourishes my hair. Firstly we all know how Argan oil (Liquid Gold) boosts the hair growth, minimizes frizz, split ends, gives a natural shine and the best thing which I like- it repairs damaged hair. When Argan oil penetrates into the hair shafts, it nourishes the keratin of the hair. If you have colored hair, then Argan oil will naturally heal your hair from harsh coloring agents.
Fenugreek and hibiscus extract promotes hair growth and prevents premature hair graying. Also,  both the ingredients arrest hair loss. So all three active herbs help in boosting the hair quality and protects my hair from any further damage. An added bonus ingredient in the hair mask is henna extract, which we all know is every women’s favorite hair remedy. Henna helps in conditioning the hair, it restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp. The hair mask doesn’t stop only with this wonder ingredient, it enhances the product with coconut oil (age old hair growth treatment), olive oil protects hair from hair damage and lavender oil calms the mind and helps in new hair growth. Basically, you would end up having a voluminous, shiny hair with such power-packed ingredients.

My Experience:
Honestly, after reading the above section I am sure you would already be flattered with the product. Yet I would like to share my experience with you. I wouldn’t say that I found distinct changes after one application, but yes with regular usage I can see an improvement (fingers crossed for the future). I love the ingredients which are the reason I would give thumbs up to this product. After the hair wash and hair mask, my hair does turn soft and the regular split ends have faded away.


I have stopped using my hair conditioner, instead I apply this hair mask. I take a blob of the cream and never apply it to the roots, rather I evenly apply from the mid length till the ends of my hair. In this process, I do lose many strands, but I religiously cover all my hair strands in the hair mask and leave it for 10 minutes. I wash it with cool water, as hot water damages the follicles of the hair. I use this whenever I have my hair wash.

Price: Rs.1100 for 400 gm

What I liked: 🙂 
1. Natural ingredients such as Argan oil, hibiscus, and henna extract and fenugreek extract.
2. It penetrates into the hair shaft and restores hair damage, removes split ends.
3. The hair mask softens the hair after the wash.
4. Detangles the hair and gives a shine to the dull hair.
5. Satisfying results with regular application.
6. As it has fenugreek, henna extract, it would be useful to remove dandruff.
7.  Helps in hair regrowth and acts as a conditioner to the hair.
8. Useful for people with dry, brittle and damaged hair.

What I didn’t like:
1. Pricey.
2. Not travel friendly 

Would I recommend the Hair Mask:
Yes, I would recommend those who have thin hair texture and are suffering from hair fall. Also, girls with colored hair can try the product as it claims to protect colored hair. Basically, if you have hair problems and if you are looking for an Ayurvedic hair mask, try Inatur Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask, it gives good results.

Bnb Ratings 4.1/5



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