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Hello My Sweet Cupcakes !

You must have come across the term ‘baking’ or ‘cooking’ makeup very recently on various online channels. Well, the technique is surely not a recent crop-up term but kind of an old school method used but various makeup artists across the world. These terms ‘baking’ or ‘cooking’ are often associated with the laminating makeup or making the makeup long-lasting or even for highlighting effect on the skin without giving a ghostly or luminous appearance. It is known to will merely give a lift to the features you wish to enhance.

With so many online tutorials, a newbie or even a makeup expert can get confused. But that doesn’t mean we’re opposed to the idea of baking makeup, if done in a smart way baking can actually help you to look flawless all day long.

makeup baking

With contouring and strobing taking the beauty industry by storm, the next BIG THING is surely baking. It is making headlines with its phenomenal process. The process got extra recognition with the high trends of contouring of the Kardashians and Jenners which made everyone envy of the techniques they use. So, let’s see what ‘baking makeup’ stands for and how you can incorporate that easily into your makeup routine.


Baking or Cooking is a technique where you have to set the whole makeup over a short span of time (around 9-10mins). After you are done with your base makeup and concealed the blemishes, you have to highlight (not luminous but matte highlight) the high points of the face rather than powdering the whole face which will make you look dry and dull. So, you apply a thick layer of setting powder (we commonly call it loose or translucent powder) and apply it with the help of a setting brush or sponge. Once, you leave this for around 10mins and remove the excess, it gives a highlighting effect to the whole look and still looks natural. The main purpose of baking is to give a lift to the areas you want, prevent creasing or sliding of makeup and give a natural look. Make sure you dust off excess powder to prevent the whitish cast on the photos.
Overall, “baking your makeup” means to ensure that your concealer doesn’t move out of place, as well as help it remain crease-free throughout the day.


In general, the under eyes are mainly baked to prevent creasing and highlighting but there are other areas described below as well. It is a part of contouring and will give you a chiseled look you want.

  1. The bridge of your nose to highlight and make it look sharp.
  2. The cheekbones (the area below eyes)
  3. Beneath the area of the hollows of the cheeks (ideally below the deep contour)
  4. Chin and cupid’s bow
  5. Centre of the forehead.

Tutorial by Editor Shreya : 

# Do the Base Makeup first (moisturizer- foundation- eye makeup) 

# Apply Concealer under your eyes and places you want to bake.

# Blend the concealer nicely. (no creases before baking)

# Apply a thick layer of the powder on the areas you wish to bake. (use sponge) 

2016-06-06-23-06-45-157 (2)

# Let it sit for 5 to 15 minutes. (the more the better)


# Remove the excess with soft fluffy foundation brush.

2016-06-13-14-05-43-020 (2)


  1. Hydrate the skin well with a good moisturizer and eye cream. Dry patches will be a disaster when you will try to bake so make sure you nourish the skin well.
  2. Apply color corrector and concealer under the eyes and on the blemishes. Blend them well and apply a layer of your favorite foundation. Again blend well to dissolve the unevenness and patches.
  3. Now, you can either use a brush or sponge but ideally sponge works better and gives you a good control. Damp (not dripping wet or something) a sponge and dip in the loose/setting powder.
  4. Apply the powder (thickly) on the area mentioned above and wait. Leave the powder on for five to 10 minutes. Don’t be afraid as you might look rather ghastly but the outcome is awesome.
  5. Take a large fluffy brush (avoid sponge or fingers in this step) and dust of the excess powder until it looks natural and flawless.
  6. Now, set the whole makeup with a setting spray to minimize the dryness.
  7. Voila! You are baked!

Some Expert Advice – 

  • If you have a matured skin, avoid baking because it might accentuate on the fine lines.
  • While choosing a powder for setting, look for an undertone same as your skin. For e.g. use a yellow powder (like the Ben Nye Banana Powder) for setting while for pink undertones (for e.g. Lakme Rose Powder) go for a pink one.
  • Avoid using a compact powder.
  • Always choosing a powder which is fine milled and gives little coverage at least.
  • Also, choose a powder a shade or two lighter than your skin tone.

So, this is the new trend by which you can look flawless with high coverage and ‘bake’ the makeup easily with little tip and tricks that would keep your makeup in place the whole day and there would be zero creasing of the concealers.

Some Questions Regarding Makeup Baking – 

1. Which Powder Should I use – Translucent or Pressed Powder ?
Ans) I recommend using a brightening translucent powder. The whole idea is to set your concealer and not to add excess coverage to that area. Many pressed powders provide coverage which is not needed. For a natural looking makeup we suggest using translucent powder.

2. Is baking very important ? I have to bake every time I apply makeup ?
Ans) There is no need to bake your makeup everyday. It’s your personal choice, the whole idea is to make your under eye concealer last longer and brighten centre part of your face, thereby lifting your cheekbones. For those special occasions I like to bake my makeup, otherwise I keep it simple.

3. Which products you recommend ?
Ans) It depends on person to person, as everyone has different skin type. If you want product recommendation you can email me here – 


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