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Parachute Advansed Soft Touch Body Lotion For Dry Skin Review

(Author ~ Pallavi)

Hii beauties,

Here is another body lotion from my side. Now, you all might know that body lotions have always been my priority. I don’t have any option being a dry skinned girl. Body lotions have always been a staple in my skin care stash. And i have used a number of body lotions till date. And fortunately till date I haven’t ever got any bad experiences in terms of body lotions. All of the body lotions and I have in turn loved them equally.

Parachute is a trusted brand in India. The most popular product of Parachute as a brand is the hair oil. But other than this there are a number of hit products from the house of Parachute. This body lotion is one of them. Parachute body lotions are quite popular and trustworthy.

So, here I am with another body lotion – Parachute Advanced Body lotion soft touch. Let’s see if it’s worth your skin pampering or not.


Price : INR 240 for 400 ml.

Direction to use: squeeze out the body lotion out of the tube. Take the body lotion in your palm. Apply the lotion in dots on all over your body especially on the exposed parts of your body. Rub and blend the body lotion with your hands so that the product sinks inside your skin. try to apply directly after shower so that it sinks deeper into your skin.

Shelf life : 24 months from the date of packaging

Smell: very light milk type

Colour: white

My experience

Packaging : The Parachute Advanced Body lotion soft touch comes in a sexy shaped tube. The tube shape is very attractive and classy. Also, the shape of the tube makes it easy to hold. The body lotion comes in different size variants – 100 ml (INR 50), 250 ml (INR 200) and 400 ml. The tube is light green in colour with the product details all over written on it. The tube has a flip flop opening which a tiny hole in the middle. When the tube is slightly pressurized the body lotion comes out of the small hole.

DSC_0518 DSC_0515 DSC_0516

Texture : The body lotion is thick and creamy. The thick texture makes it difficult to spread and use. Also, it does not blend in that easily. You need to have a really tough hand and lots of time to blend the body lotion.

Performance : Sometimes it just sits on top of your skin making your skin sticky and uncomfortable. Thus, there are two ways to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling. Either you take amount in little less quantity or blend it with tough hand. This way it will disappear on your skin quite soon.  Or you apply it and sit under the AC influence for at least 15 minutes or so.

The skin post usage feels soft and smooth. It feels the same entire day. Even the skin feels same after it is washed off with water.

Suitability : this body lotion will be a huge hit among the dry skin type. As it is a dose of moisture and will heal dry patches in no time. And you will learn to work around it. But with oily skinned beauties it is a major task. So, I think for oily skin people this one needs to be avoided.

DSC_0520 DSC_0521 DSC_0514

Economy : A little product is required per usage. Thus, this body lotion will last quite long.

Good about Parachute Advanced Body lotion soft touch

  1. Trustworthy brand
  2. Easy on pocket prices
  3. Attractive and easy to use packaging
  4. Makes skin soft and smooth
  5. Survives water’
  6. Skin remains soft for longer hours

Bad about Parachute Advanced Body lotion soft touch

  1. Thick texture
  2. Difficult to blend
  3. Feels sticky

Conclusion – This body lotion is a good for me in terms of moisturization especially in harsh winters. The impressive ingredients list makes my skin smooth and soft for prolonged hours. I absolutely love this one other than the uncomfortable feeling at the beginning. But anyhow I am trying hard to ignore that one.

BnB Rating – 4/5


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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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