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Maybelline Colossal Kohl Emerald Green Review, Swatches and EOTD

(Author ~ Sanchita) 

Hello everyone.

Hope you all are enjoying the monsoon. Maybelline Colossal Kohl Emerald Green was a ‘love at first sight’ color for me. Personally, I always prefer matte kind of eye liner pencils rather than frosted or shimmery one. However, this one was slightly different and surely one of the best green eyeliner I own. For a long time these were available in the market but I simply refrained from buying because I thought it won’t be good enough. Well, I was surely taken by surprise after tying it.

Here is my detailed review after a month’s usage. 


PRICE – Rs 249/ for 0.35g


Packaging – Maybelline Colossal Kohl for colored liner kept the similar packaging for the colored versions as well. It comes in a bright canary yellow retractable packaging with a slender plastic cap that shuts with an audible click. The pencil has the brand name written on its body along with the shade name and color band, indicating the color on the lower portion. The pencil has the retractable body and hence you won’t need to sharpen it and there is no question of wastage. The only difference with the previous packaging is that the black kajal used to comes with a cardboard packaging but this one has no such provisions. Since, Maybelline pencils are very much dupable by local brands it is better to buy from a recognized seller to ensure the genuine tag. Nevertheless, the pencil is light weight and travel friendly.

maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-7 maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-8 maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-9

Shade – The shade “Emerald Green” is a very forest green with a metallic touch to it. The metallic touch is very fine and sophisticated and gives the right balance of subtle and shimmer at the same time. The color is a striking one for every skin tone and shows up very well. The sheen on it gives a slight rich feel and a great alternative for black or deep brown kajal. Despite owning various shades of green eyeliner, this one is surely a new color for me and also a great one. You can also use it for a base for green smoky eyes with a hint of sheen.

Pigmentation – The color pay off of the shade is surely very however little less than excellent. On the lower line and eyelids, it shows up very well with full saturation in simple 2 swipes but on the water lien the kajal takes several swipes on show up. However, still it is a lot better in the color pay off department.


maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-1 maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-12

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– The texture of the colored kohls of Maybelline Colossal Kohl is also very similar to the black kajals. It is velvety but not gooey creamy in texture. However, it isn’t dry and will show up on the eyes pretty well. It doesn’t give much time to smudge or blend so you have to be very quick while dealing with this. It glides on the eyelids and waterline very well and there is no tugging or pulling. Also, the product doesn’t irritate the eyes as well. It has been enriched with the nourishing ingredients and vitamin E so that it feels comfortable on eyes. Thus, it feels easy and also I have never seen the eyeliner flaking off once it dries, no matter how many layers or coats you go for. Once, the color sets it stays for a long time and will not budge at all.

FormulaThe formula of this pencil is incredibly good – it is both waterproof and smudge proof. It sets quickly on the eyes and doesn’t move even if you splash water. The smudging part is no there but the kohl does fade after long hours of wearing it, which is pretty normal for any eyeliner. Therefore, even if you have oily eye lids, it will never cause a mess for you.

maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-10 maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-2 maybelline-colossal-kohl-crushed-emerald-5

Longevity – The kajal stayed on my eyes for around 6-7hours pretty good after which I surely noticed some fading. For the waterline, it stayed on my eyes for around 4 hours. To elongate the staying power, I suggest you use a primer, eyeshadow base or oil control powder on the lids to get maximum benefit.

OVERALL – Maybelline Colossal Kohl Emerald Green is a rich forest green color with a nice sheen, soft texture and good pigmentation along with long wear formula that doesn’t smudge or seep down with the passage of time. It is also budget friendly and suits the Indian skin tone pretty well.



  • Packaging – Bright canary yellow retractable pencil.
  • Shade – “Emerald Green” is a very forest green with a metallic touch to it.
  • Pigmentation – Good, requires 2swipes.
  • Texture – Tight creamy but soft
  • Formula – smudge proof and waterproof
  • Staying power – Around 6-7hrs
  • Value for Money – Yes



  • Bright retractable packing.
  • Emerald Green is a very forest green with a metallic touch to it.
  • Shade would suit every skin tone very well and the color is pretty wearable for any occasion.
  • Soft texture that glides easily on eyes.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Smudge proof and waterproof formula.
  • No irritation or burning sensation on eyes.
  • Infused with nourishing ingredients and vitamin E.
  • Longevity is around 7hrs (4hrs on waterline)
  • Worth the price tag.


  • Packaging needs to be more secure.

RECOMMENDATION – Maybelline Colossal Kohl Emerald Green is a highly recommended color from my side and I am surely going to repurchase once I am done with this one.

BnB Ratings : 9/10


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