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Fabindia Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream Review

(Author ~ Veena) 

Hello my beautiful friends,

A healthy, beautiful, mark free skin is loved by everyone. I love skincare more than makeup because makeup looks good only on healthy skin, so it is very important to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Today, I am going to review Fabindia Vitamin E De pigmentation cream. I got this cream for myself and my mother because I have acne marks and little bit pigmentation and my mother face pigmentation issues which are due to aging. But this cream has turned into a family cream. Everybody is using this cream now, because it is very moisturizing. This cream is easily available in market as well as stores.

So, enough blabbering now, let’s starts the review.


How to Use? Wash and cleanse face thoroughly. Gently smoothen onto the face or affected area. For best results use twice a day.

Shelf life : 36 months from the date of manufacturing

Price : INR 350 for 100 ml

 My Experience 

Packaging – The product comes in white plastic jar which has an outer screw cap, before the main screw cap, there is also one plastic cover which prevents the product from leaking, although the product is quite thick, it won’t come out, until and unless it do rock and roll or you shake it. The packaging is quite simple. The plastic jar is wrapped in off-white printed paper which has all the details about the product over it. I don’t like tub packaging, it looks very unhygienic, every time you have to dip your fingers to get hold of the product. The packaging is spill proof. You can easily carry it in travel bags or hand bags it won’t create a mess.

img_0958 img_0950 img_0948

Fragrance – The product does not have any strong aroma; it is very light which fades away after a couple of minutes. The fragrance is little bit flowery, like regular creams. Fragrance is something which hardly bothers me, until and unless it is very pungent, I am okay with product fragrances.

Consistency – The consistency of the cream is very thick and smooth. It feels like buttery soft and glides easily on skin. Just a pea size amount of cream is enough to cover the whole face as it spreads very much and covers the skin. If you will use a bigger amount then it will definitely make the skin oily. I have combination skin and I take a pea size amount of this cream. It takes about couple of minutes to settle down.

It looks heavy in consistency but it does not make skin heavy or clog pores. It makes the skin soft, supple and bright. After application give your skin rest for a couple of minutes, don’t perform such activities which causes sweat otherwise it will make skin oily.



img_0953 img_0952 img_0951

Results – It moisturizes the skin and works on the dark patches, blemishes and pigmentation too. After applying it for a month I noticed my skin looks bright, the acne marks which are quite prominent on my right cheek has faded a bit and the skin tone look more even.This cream made my skin soft also, my skin felt little bit rough ,but now it felt soft and supple. The bounce and firmness which give the best look to face started becoming visible.

In case of my mother, it worked like magic; my mother had stubborn pigmentation on both of her cheeks, nose area and forehead area. After using it for few weeks, pigmentation on her nose and forehead is completely gone. Pigmentation on cheeks has faded a lot. My mom has already told me to get her another one after this bottle ends.

This cream does not contain Spf which is a sad part, nowadays majority of day creams contain spf which spare us from applying an extra layer .but in case of this cream, I apply my regular sunscreen then this cream.

This cream has not caused any kind of skin irritation, breakouts, and I am glad, it didn’t happened.


  • Packaging – Simple packaging
  • Texture – Thick creamy and soft
  • Value for money- Worth every penny
  • Aroma-  Floral fragrance

Pros of Fabindia Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream 🙂 

  1. It makes the skin soft, supple.
  2. It moisturizes the skin.
  3. It evens out the skin tone.
  4. It works on dark patches, pigmentation, acne mark, blemishes.
  5. It is easily available.
  6. It is affordable.

Cons of Fabindia Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream 🙁 

  1. Tub packaging is not so good.
  2. Does not contain SPF.
  3. It contains paraben.

Final verdict – I will definitely recommend this cream to everybody who are facing de pigmentation issues or acne marks. It really works. I love this cream and it works for me. I like the texture and it feels so good on skin. It works as an amazing moisturizer too.”

BnB RATING – 7/10


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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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