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YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Review

(Author ~ Sanchita)

 No girl is ever perfect when she tried the foundation or any other base product for the first time. All of us have been through the cakey, uneven and ashy finish but this is the ultimate sponge you would die to have in your kitty. I am so glad and happy that beauty blenders like – Inglot, YBP and the original one are now easily available in India.

Well, having used this sponge a month, read on to know if it is worth your money or just an hyped product.


PRICE – Rs. 1099 for 1 sponge


The YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge Lust comes in two colors – Naked (White) & Lust (Black). The packaging has been really thoughtful and love the way they have curated it. It comes in a cylindrical container made of thin plastic. The container is translucent and it has a rather sturdy metal lid to close it. The lid is more like a tray sort on which you can surely mix and match the foundation. Those who are heavily into base makeup knows that often foundations need to be mixed to get the perfect shade or texture and doing it on hand becomes really messy. Makeup artists often use pro palettes to do so but while we are doing at home, this lid serves really well. Coming back to the container, you would notice there are few holes in it as well. This is a great feature while you are travelling. Any sponge takes long to dry and if you keep it inside an air-tight container, it starts having molds in them, which is extremely unhygienic.  Overall, the packaging is surely brilliant and better than the original   Beauty Blender which is known as the Queen of all makeup sponges.


I picked up the Black (Lust) YBP Makeup Perfector Sponge as didn’t wanted the white. The sponge has been formulated without latex.  As a result there is not hardness or irritating feeling on the skin while you use it. The sponge, even while dry, feels extremely soft. The moment you place it underneath a flowing tap and pump it, it starts to swell up. I have noticed that the sponge swells about 40-50% of its original size and turns even softer and squeaky. I’ve used the original beauty blender and I must say the softness and texture is surely an unmatched winner of all and the bouncy surface is so good that helps you blend everything as flawless as it can be.

Just like my Inglot beauty blender and my original beauty blender, this too has the right density and therefore it will blend in the product well without sheering out. I have seen various reviews where people have stated that Beauty Blender tends to absorb a lot of foundation or other product, but I have not faced any such thing with my beauty blender.

ybp-makeup-perfector-sponge-lust-black-1 ybp-makeup-perfector-sponge-lust-black-8

Coming to its shape, it has a very identical tear drop shape with Beauty Blender. The key difference is that the lower part of the sponge is bulged than the BB. The pointy end is the perfect touch to reach out to the difficult areas like sides of the nose, inner corner of the eyes and upper lips. The sides are perfect to blend the bronzer, contouring, etc. the bottom is the one for foundation and bouncing the product on skin. The shape is perfect and texture is soft and you can easily pinch between your fingers and reach out anywhere you want.  I have used it literally for everything – color corrector, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, contouring and highlighter. It did a nice job of blending !


The sponge is washable and it is up to you how you want to do it. There are various makeup tool cleansing products but I prefer to use a baby shampoo for cleansing. I dilute a small amount of face-wash in water and squeeze in and out the sponge several times and with the back of the fingers rub the surface to remove the makeup products. Whenever I use this sponge for all the mentioned purposes, I make it a point to thoroughly cleanse it and to my surprise it gets really clean in a jiff. It is also sturdy as I haven’t seen any wear and tear even after using it for a month on a daily basis. Coming to the price tag, I wish this one was less pricey. 

ybp-makeup-perfector-sponge-lust-black-6 ybp-makeup-perfector-sponge-lust-black-3

– For me this is as good as a normal sponge, don’t know why it is so hyped. The YBP Makeup Perfector sponge comes in a tear drop shape.I’m not sure if it is going to last as long as my ORIGINAL Beauty Blender.  


  1. Extremely soft texture.
  2. Perfect shape and reaches out to the difficult areas as well.
  3. It can be used for color corrector, foundation, concealer, bronzer, blush, contouring and highlighter.
  4. Blends everything flawlessly.
  5. Doesn’t absorb too much product.
  6. Easy to clean.


  1. Pricey
  2. May not last as long as the original beauty blender and Inglot beauty blender.
  3. Not available offline.
  4. The quality is same as other sponges which you can get at half the price.
  5. The fancy container doesn’t do any justice to the product.

BnB Editor Shreya says,  “I would like to recommend this for beginners. Love my original beauty blender and my Inglot beauty blender. I wish they could have made this one less pricey.
PS: Don’t ever keep that wet sponge inside their makeup container to dry, this is extremely unhygienic practice and don’t know why the company is promoting it. ”

RATING –  6.2/10

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