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NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals Review, Swatches & Price 

Author Sanchita

Warm neutral eyes and bold lips are ruling the beauty industry and I could help myself get my hands on a warm palette. The ones available in India are too bronzy and pale but this NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals is something I have been looking for. I wouldn’t call it an ultimate love but surely it serves my purpose and has every shade I am looking for. Having used this for the whole festive month, here is my review on the same.


PRICE – Rs. 1750 (in India)/ $18.00 (USA)


PackagingThe NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals comes in a medium sized square packaging. The packaging includes a transparent lid and a sturdy frame with 16 shades. Now, the palette comes with a pretty heavy tag and I expect a mirror with such an elaborate one. To my utter disappointment, it has no mirror or applicator whatsoever. Hence, despite of sturdy well-built packaging, I wouldn’t call it travel friendly at all. Overall, the packaging could have some improvement to call it a decent one.

nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-6 nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-7

Shades and pigmentation –

There are 16 shades in the palette and I will go over each and every one, detailing its color pay off as well : 

nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-12 nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-1

First Row (L to R) –

  • A matte off-white color. Great for matte highlight and the pigmentation is average. It has to build up.
  • A very pale champagne gold shimmery highlighter. This is excellent for Indian skin tone and a close dupe of MAC Ricepaper. The pigmentation is good.
  • A pale peach-beige matte highlight. It shows up well on eyelids but requires layering.
  • A shimmery gold color. Pigmentation is good.

Second Row (L to R) –

  • A soft brown matte color with cool tone. It is a great one for crease and resemble MAC Wedge. The pigmentation is good.
  • A subtle peachy-brown color, peachy, resemble MAC Soft Brown. The pigmentation is very good.
  • A shimmery rose gold color and the pigmentation is great.
  • A medium deep warm matte brown color and pigmentation is great.

nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-2 nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-3

Third Row (L to R) –

  • A beautiful mixture of golden, orange and copper. The color is shimmery and the pigmentation is really good and great on Indian skin tones.
  • A dark burgundy brown with red undertones and a matte finish. The pigmentation is insane and the color is very rich.
  • A reddish shimmery copper color with very good pigmentation.
  • A warm, red-toned, medium brown with a matte finish. The pigmentation is very good.

Fourth Row (L to R) –

  • A deep brown-bronze shimmery color. The pigmentation is really great.
  • A medium matte brown with orangish warm undertones. The pigmentation is insane.
  • A true shimmery bronze color with great pigmentation.
  • A rich, intense brown dark matte brown color and the pigmentation is very good.

nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-4 nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-5

Shade selection – The palette has a good mix of shimmery and matte color. One thing I would mention is that the matte color have a very good pigmented formula (except 1st and 2nd row) and it is very uncommon. The choice of color is what impressed me and I wish the upper two rows more slightly more pigmented. The only thing missing in this palette is a basic black color which should be there I feel. Otherwise, the colors are great and this is the only reason I bought this palette.

Texture – The texture of every eyeshadow is good. There is a good richness creamy powdery formula. The colors are extremely easy to blend. Every color, despite the color pay off, blends well when it is deposited on the eye lids. The fall out issue is there for sure but very minimal. I have seen that the shimmery shade have more fallout than the matte ones. The colors doesn’t look cakey or form patches on the eyes as well.

Staying power – The staying power of the eyeshadows depend a lot on the use of primer and whether or not you have oily eyelids. Personally, I have dry eyelids so the colors do not crease but with oily eyelids it will crease after a certain point of time. With primer, the eyeshadows stayed for a good 6-7hrs with minimal fading. Without primer, it lasted for around 5hrs on the eye lids. If you layer up too much, the color will not fade on the eyelids.

Pricing – The palette has been slightly overpriced in India compared to the price in USA. I do agree that the colors, pigmentation and quality is good but the price could have been lower.

nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-8 nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-9 nyx-ultimate-shadow-palette-warm-neutrals-12

OVERALL – The NYX Ultimate Shadow Palette Warm Neutrals has 16 shades with a mixture of matte and shimmery colors and the pigmentation is good. The texture is soft and easy to blend with low fallout problem. The staying power is good but the palette is slightly overpriced.


  1. Sturdy palette.
  2. Good mix of warm colors.
  3. Total 16 colors with no repetitiveness.
  4. Good blend of matte and shimmer.
  5. Good pigmentation – even the matte color.
  6. Texture is soft and easy to blend.
  7. Low fallout.
  8. Staying power is 5hrs approximately without primer.
  9. Availability is good.


  1. No mirror or applicator.
  2. A basic black color is missing.
  3. The palette is overpriced in India.
  4. Some of the shade have low pigmentation (esp. the first two rows)

RECOMMENDATION – I do love using the palette and would highly recommend this one as it can be the one stop solution for warm neutral colors. However, I do feel the palette is overpriced and  the packaging should be improved as well.

BnB RATING – 6/10

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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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