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Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray

(Author ~ Sanchita)

Whenever I went for a full-fledged base makeup – baking, strobing, etc. things tend to look slightly incomplete. What I learnt over the time is that you need a good setting spray to fix everything because sometimes we tend to get slightly messy or cakey with powder and liquid makeup. Initially I used the rosewater spray but finally I decided to invest in a good setting spray to make my makeup long lasting.

Read on to know my experience with it…


PRICE 1000 INR for 100ml


The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray comes in a white opaque cylindrical bottle with a spray nozzle. The spray nozzle works just fine and dispenses right amount. It is better to hold the product at an arm’s length and then you can get the better result. The bottle is not heavy and thus it is easier to handle. It is also fuss free and leakage free which makes it completely travel proof. There is a little transparent cap to enclose the spray nozzle as well. Overall, the packaging is good but it would have been better if it was a transparent one to let us see how much of the product is left.


The product has a slight chemical laden smell in it with a touch of alcoholic tress. Personally speaking, it wasn’t much of a put-off but for some it can be bothering. It is completely in a liquid form and when I sprayed directly on hand, there is a certain mist in it which looks whitish. But to my utter surprise, it vanishes off after a minutes or so and gives a smooth look to the skin. There were time initially when I accidentally sprayed too close, it took about 4-5mins to settle down but when sprayed from a certain distance, it takes 1-2mins to dry out.

Coming to its efficacy, it performs well. I wouldn’t call it outstanding as I had the opportunity to use the MAC fix plus at a bridal event but for the price the product is justified. The moment you spray, it distributes well and takes down the cakeiness. I once went for heavy ‘baking’ and used this spray and this one toned down the look well. The finish is neither matte nor dewy – it is something in between. This is because it is not a ‘setting’ spray but more of a ‘fixing’ one. It fixes the makeup mistakes well – like correcting the oiliness or matte look, taking down the cakey appearance or smoothing out the skin. There were times when I applied too much foundation or concealer and I spray the product on my sponge and then used it to blend. As a result, it looked flawless. This is also a very common trick used by makeup artists all over the world.

makeup-revolution-pro-fix-amazing-makeup-fixing-spray-8 makeup-revolution-pro-fix-amazing-makeup-fixing-spray-5

Speaking of the ingredient list, it has both good and bad points. It has alcohol so if you have dry or sensitive skin, test it first on the back of your hand before spraying it on the face. Alcohol tends to dry out certain skin types so I am guessing it can be slightly troublesome in winter. However, in summer it won’t be much of a problem. Coming to break out issues, I have acne prone skin and even after using it for a long time it never broke me out at all. Therefore, for acne prone skin it won’t be an issue. The good point is that it has various ingredients like Castor Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, etc. and therefore it balances out the hydration well.

The product has kept my makeup intact for a good 6-7 hours even in humid climate. I attended a weeding in full heavy makeup look and I never had to touch up the foundation or anything. I have oily skin but the skin was matte for a long time and it was after 5hours I noticed some kind of dewiness but not heavily oily or greasy. Most importantly, it prevents the breakdown of makeup from sweating. It keep the skin refreshed and soothing which is very important when you are wearing heavy makeup. Judging the price, it is slightly pricey in India compared to the original price tag but sometimes available on discount as well.

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OVERALL – The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray is a translucent spray for fixing and setting makeup which helps you to blend everything flawlessly and also gives a nice smooth look. It is nether matte nor dewy and would suit most of the skin types as it never breaks out. It makes the makeup lasts longer and also prevents the oiliness for a long time.


  1. Efficient packaging.
  2. Easy to spray nozzle.
  3. It has ingredients like Castor Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Aloe Vera.
  4. Helps in fixing the makeup – like blending, tones down the cakeiness.
  5. Takes less time to settle down.
  6. It gives a smooth look – neither matte nor dewy.
  7. It kept my makeup intact for 6-7 hours even in humid climate.
  8. Prevents oiliness.
  9. Doesn’t breakout


  1. It has alcohol.
  2. The smell can be a put-off.
  3. Staying power could have been better.

RECOMMENDATION – The Makeup Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray is a good budget friendly option which doubles up as fixing and setting spray. It does a decent job, nothing overwhelming and best suited for normal to oily skin, as I feel dry skin might need something more hydrating.

BnB Rating : 7/10

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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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