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Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam with Activated Carbon

(Author Sanchita) 

I am a Pond’s loyalist when it comes to face wash. I have been using this variant for the past 2 years and before that I used to use the Ponds Oil Control Skin Mattifying Facial Foam which was discontinued and then I shifted to this one. Background is that, I have oily skin which is acne prone but of late I haven’t had any breakouts and I believe this face wash has a lot to contribute. If you have oily acne prone skin, you are going to love this.

Read on to know every detail about it.


PRICE – Rs. 99 for 50g


The Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam comes in a glossy black tube with a flip open cap. The tube is soft and sturdy at the same time and the opening of the product dispenses the right amount of product, given the fact that you need a very little amount. I have travelled numerous times with it and it has never caused any fuss or mess in my bag. Therefore, the packaging is simple yet study. The face wash is available in three different sizes and therefore you can easily try the small size to see if it suits you or not. The product has a thicker creamy consistency which is grey in color. It has a nice artificial smell to it but nothing nauseated and overpowering. It merely refreshes the skin and looks natural.

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You need a very little amount of face wash, even less than a pea size. It lathers generously the amount you apply to the damp face and very easy to work with. It will immediately wash off every layer of dirt, impurities, grime, and pollution from the face and reveals the brighter skin. I would not claim that it removes makeup but it successfully wipes off 60-70% of base makeup. I generally use a baby oil or coconut oil all over the face as a makeup remover and wipe off with cotton. And then, the residual oil and makeup is successfully removed by this face wash. There is no exfoliating beads in it and the creamy face wash lather quickly.

The face wash wipes off every layer of oil from the skin. Now, this may be a good thing for oily skin but this is a bad news for dry skin. I would specifically advise that dry skin should never use this. For an acne prone skin, this is a boon. It washes off every layer of sebum and also has a good oil control power. The face wash will not add any extra brightness but since it cleanses the skin from pores, it adds a certain glow to the skin post washing. With the passage of time, it also reduces the blemishes as well but you have to use this for a long time. It washes off very easily and leaves no slippery feel on the face. The skin feels a little dry and I always feel the need to reach out for a moisturizer after using this.

The face wash keeps my skin oil free for 4-5hours during summer and monsoon. I generally use a rich facial oil after using this in winter and that is how the skin feels soft. If you have oily to very oily skin, this is surely a great product. Mostly, importantly, it will prevent acne and breakouts. However, normal to dry skin might not like the formulation at all. Also, the product is extremely economical and won’t hurt the pocket at all.

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OVERALL – The Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam is a great foaming face wash for oily to very oily skin which cleanses the skin very well, removes oil, dirt and grime and reveals a brighter and clearer skin. It prevents acne and breakouts and also controls the oil for long.        


  1. Sleek black packaging.
  2. Need very little product.
  3. Foams really well.
  4. Best for oily to very oily skin and also acne prone.
  5. It washes off every layer of sebum.
  6. It cleanses the skin of dirt, impurities, grime, and pollution.
  7. It reduces blemishes after a prolonged usage.
  8. Prevents breakouts.
  9. Good oil controlling power.
  10. Reasonable price tag.


  1. Not for normal to dry skin.
  2. You need a moisturizer no matter what your skin type is.
  3. Not for winters.

RECOMMENDATION – Pond’s Pure White Deep Cleansing Facial Foam is specially recommend for oily to very oily skin and will successfully prevent acne and breakouts. However, it is not for other skin types as it will make the skin matte and dry.

BnB Rating : 8/10

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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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