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Nivea for Men Sensitive after Shave Balm 

(Author ~ Sanchita)

Makeup is all about improvising and it isn’t confined anymore within a bunch of rules. Famous Youtuber Nikkie of Nikkietutorials came with the idea of using Nivea for Men Sensitive after Shave Balm as a ‘primer’ to keep the makeup last all day long. I have been an ardent follower of Nikkie and aware of the fact that she has somewhat normal to dry skin type. Since I have oily skin which gets exaggerated in summers, I waited for the weather to cool down slightly and try this out.

Having tried this out for a month now, here is my review on the same.


PRICE – 235 INR for 100ml


The Nivea for Men Sensitive after Shave Balm comes in an opaque sturdy rectangular bottle with a white screw cap. The mouth of the bottle is wide open and chances are that you are going to pour a lot of amount onto the hand if you are not careful enough. Since it was tailored made for ‘Men’ so you can’t really expect accuracy or delicateness at all. The bottle is sturdy and easy to carry around. It will not spill or cause mess at all. Overall, the packaging is decent.


The product has a very lightweight nature. The consistency is like a lotion and has a white fluid like color. The smell is musky and intriguing. I have always loved the smell of after shave gels and lotions and this one is extremely good. The product, being lightweight, spreads onto the skin like a dream. The moment you apply it gives a slight cooling and calming sensation to the skin and feels excellent. The initial 1-2mins it feels sticky and after that it simply blends into the skin. Since it find the texture a bit different, I don’t use fingers or sponge. I use a stippling brush which evenly spreads onto the skin and gives a smooth canvas. Also, the brush doesn’t absorb much product and hence you get an even coverage.

The usage depends person to person. You can use it on bare skin, with moisturizer, sunscreen and lotion or moisturizer and lotion. For me, I use it with sunscreen and after shave balm on top for day time. The weather is still slightly warm and this one is like a lightweight serum for me hydrates the skin well and makes the makeup look smooth. For night time, I use a moisturizer and after shave on top. You can adjust the application as per the condition of the skin. However, while applying, you can’t use it on eyes as it made my eyes watery. It is mainly for the face and neck.

nivea-for-men-sensitive-after-shave-balm-5 nivea-for-men-sensitive-after-shave-balm-3 nivea-for-men-sensitive-after-shave-balm-6

First and foremost, even after using it regularly, the primer didn’t cause me any breakout. For acne prone skin, we are always conscious whether a product will work for us or not. But this one did worked and hence it is surely safe for oily acne prone skin. I have pores around the nose but there are minimal. However, the primer won’t help much in minimizing the pores, if you are wondering. But, it did made my base look flawless. I wanted to see how it worked and went for a full-fledged heavy base makeup this festive season. The foundation glided onto the skin well and gave a smooth look. The same goes for the concealer, contour, blush and highlighter. The product has the goodness of Bisabolol, moisturizing vitamin E and chamomile, and soothing Provitamin B5 which gives an amazing effect to the skin. it has glycerin which makes the makeup products adhere to the skin well.

Coming to the staying power, my makeup stayed intact for longer than usual. The wear time was increased by 2-2.5 hours and everything looked flawless. The oil was controlled and it kept my skin shine free for 5hours which is surely excellent. The fading and melting of makeup was nowhere and everything was almost intact after 4-5hours. I mostly used drugstore products so the longevity was surely commendable.

nivea-for-men-sensitive-after-shave-balm-7 nivea-for-men-sensitive-after-shave-balm-8 nivea-for-men-sensitive-after-shave-balm-1

OVERALL – The Nivea for Men Sensitive after Shave Balm is a white colored semi-thick fluid which has a light weight consistency and blends smoothly. It make the base makeup glide well and elongates the staying power. However, it will do nothing to the pores.                                                                                                                                                                                 


  1. Sturdy packaging.
  2. White colored semi-thick fluid.
  3. Light weight texture.
  4. Spreads and blends well on skin.
  5. Will suit every skin type.
  6. Enriched with the goodness of Bisabolol, moisturizing vitamin E and chamomile, and soothing Provitamin B5.
  7. Gives a cooling sensation to skin.
  8. It has glycerin which makes the makeup products adhere to the skin well.
  9. No breakouts.
  10. Make the base makeup (foundation, BB/CC Creams, blush, highlighter, bronzer, contour, and concealer) glide smoothly.
  11. Affordable price tag.


  1. Dry skin needs a moisturizer.
  2. No effect on pores.

RECOMMENDATION – The Nivea for Men Sensitive after Shave Balm is surely a good primer but if you have large pores and you want a blurry effect on skin, this won’t work too well for you. For others, it is surely a good substitute and worth trying out to make your makeup last longer. This can be sued on a daily basis.

BnB Rating : 7.1/10


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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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