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Hello my lovely friends,

How’s it going? Enjoying summers again.Oh god, it feels like summer is back. I am not a big fan of summers. It always melts away my makeup, always make my skin oily and tanning and what not. Today I am going to review one of my favorite things when it comes to my clean up routine that is a scrub. I love scrub they are like a blessing to me, as I have oily skin which leads to larger oil secreting pores compared to other skin types. And all the dirt impurities get into my skin easily, and issues like white heads, black heads are always at the corner looking for a chance to come up at my doorstep. Ladies, oily skin and their issues I can write a book about it.

So, enough blabbering now, let talk about my new favorite scrub that is Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub.   


Price: INR 160

Quantity: 100 ml


                              MY REVIEW                

Packaging  The product comes in a squeezable white color tube, I really liked the packaging though because of the beautiful flowery print about it. The product has a white cap like the rest of the tube which fixes tightly on the place. The packaging looks very simple and elegant, but it is not eye catchy and attractive that much. The tube is easy to carry around because the cap stays at one place .the product is wrapped in transparent plastic when I purchased it; it ensured that it is new and fresh. The tube contains all the details about what it claims, ingredients price and other necessary things.well, you cannot keep the track of how much product is left in the tube.



The texture of the product is grainy; the exfoliating beads are very tiny, almost invisible, but when I use it, I feel hundreds of beads on my face doing their job of cleaning my skin and kicking out dirt from my face. and this is the best part of the scrub, the tiny beads gets into the pores and exfoliate the skin properly which big exfoliating beads fail to do. The texture is creamy also, which makes the skin soft after using it and does not dry out the skin after using it. The product recommends that leave the scrub for 10 minutes on the face after massaging it. The benefit of doing this is that, the mineral of the ingredients will into the skin the give your skin actual glow which cannot be achieved if it is removed immediately after scrubbing the face, I have used it both ways: removed it immediately after scrubbing and kept it for 10 minutes after using the scrub, I have found difference in the results. I scrub my face for couple of minutes then leave it for 10 minutes. For a lazy person like me, I skip my face mask when I use this scrub, as it serves that purpose for me.       

img_0896 img_0885


The product is light green in color, the aroma of the product is mild, and not something which bothered me. Actually I don’t face any problem in fragrance department until and unless it is very awful.


This year, I have tried my best to use those skin care products which are herbal and cruelty free, so, this product only contains those ingredients which are natural and will not harm your skin. It contains a lot of essential oils which provides natural glow to your face like Rosa centifolia essential oil and melaleusa alternifolia essential oil, vegetable glycerin. All these ingredients keep skin healthy and beautiful.

Effect –  

I totally love this scrub and I use it thrice a week, as I have oily skin, which ultimately lead to larger pores and home of home, that why I prefer it using thrice a week to keep my skin clean. The scrub which a nice glow and clean effect after you wash it off. The product is does not make my skin dry which is good thing about it. The scrub also keeps the skin oil free as it removes the dirt and skin gets a chance to breathe if. You have normal skin, and then use it just couple of times or once a week is enough. It does not help in curing pimples. Well, it claims to reduce fine lines, but I cannot say anything about it as I don’t have any have any fine lines. The scrub keeps my face clean and dirt free from a couple of days. The scrub gives my face a natural glow after washing it off and my face look radiant and bright. It really deep cleanses the skin.

img_0863 img_0875

The scrub is for all skin types, so everybody should give it a try, this product it worth trying.


  • Texture– creamy and fine exfoliating beads.
  • Aroma- Mild fragrance.                                       
  • Color Light green                                              
  • Ingredients All herbal ingredients
  • Effect Gives a natural glow                     

What I Like?                     

  • It makes skin radiant
  • It adds a glow to the face
  • It is easily available.
  • Simple packaging
  • Pocket friendly
  • Keeps skin dirt free.
  • Exfoliate the skin properly.

What I Disliked?

  • Does not treat acne.

Final verdict- Overall, this is very genuine priced and very effective scrub. I recommend it to everyone who want to try something new and effective go for it. The exfoliating does the magic in keeping the kin clear, healthy and dirt free. I liked the concept of keeping it for 10 minute after using it, it really does the magic of adding a natural glow to face and make it look radiant.

           BnB Rating: 8/10



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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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