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Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick 24H Water Proof Bootleg Brown

(Author ~ Sanchita) 

If there is one eyeshadow shadow stick I repurchase every time, it is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick. So far, I have tried a bronze, black, blue and grey and this time I picked up two more colors – a matte brown and taupe. These two colors were already introduced a while back but somewhere was out of stock. Finally I saw them online and immediately added to the cart.

Today I will be reviewing the color ‘Bootleg Brown’ from the range.


PRICE – Rs.400 for 3.25gm.


Packaging – The Rimmel Scandaleyes 24H Water Proof Shadow Stick comes in a chubby stick form of packaging with a fat transparent cap. The pencil needs to be sharpened and this is what I don’t like. The product being creamy and soft, tends to chuck away while sharpening and leads to wastage. Therefore you have to be really careful while sharpening. Also, they don’t provide sharpener as well. Nevertheless, the product is sturdy, the cap works well and easy to carry around for touchups.

rimmel-scandaleyes-shadow-stick-24h-water-proof-bootleg-brown-5 rimmel-scandaleyes-shadow-stick-24h-water-proof-bootleg-brown-7

Shade – The shade ‘Bootleg Brown’ is a dark rich matte brown color with a slight hint of charcoal in it. Although the undertones is very tough to determine. The shade is a must have in your kitty and extremely versatile in its usage. As an eyeshadow, it is a basic matte brown that can be used to smoke out black eyeshadow, create a brown smoky eye or a simple dark brown eyelid color. You can also wear it like a kajal – both on waterline and eyelids. The rich dark brown is great for filling the eyebrows as well. I have tried this and it gave me an intense deep brow look for a party. Therefore, the color can be used in various ways. There is no shimmer in it and the matte helps you to look more natural and neat. It is a great option for daytime.



Pigmentation – The pigmentation is rich dark brown in a single swipe itself. This is one of the reason I purchase the eyeshadows. I am not a very patient person and often prefer to skip an elaborate concealer and primer for eyes. But, despite skipping any base for eyelids, the color shows up like a boss and gives you the richest and deepest layer possible. The same goes for eyelids, waterline and eyebrows. Even on waterline, a couple of swipes are enough to show up and you can again build up the layers the way you want. Therefore, the pigmentation is stunning.

rimmel-scandaleyes-shadow-stick-24h-water-proof-bootleg-brown-8 rimmel-scandaleyes-shadow-stick-24h-water-proof-bootleg-brown-4

Texture – The texture of the eyeshadows are beautiful, creamy and smooth. They glide on the eyes like a dream and there is no tugging or pulling at all. They blend smoothly and best if you use a finger. Also, you need a brush with very soft bristles to blend the product. It will give you ample amount to time to blend and then it nicely sets into a matte finish. There is no sheen at all. However, even when it sets you wouldn’t notice any flakes or dryness at all. I have dry eyelids and thus it never creases on me but for oily eyelids it might crease a little or make sure you set with a powder or use a base for long wearing occasions. There is no irritation at all even when you apply on the waterline.

Formula – The formula of the Rimmel Scandaleyes 24H Water Proof Shadow Stick is smudge proof, crease-proof and water proof. You have to make sure he color is well applied and blended and once it settles down, it will never mess up the eye area at all. You can also use this eyeshadow as a stick as well. for daily wearing, you can wear without primer as well. Overall, the formula works excellently.

Longevity – The color stays on my eyelids for about 5hrs easily without a base or primer. On waterline it stays for 3hrs and then fade out slightly without smudging. If I use this as a base for another eyeshadow or use a primer and then apply the eyeshadow, the color stays for the whole day without any touch ups. Thus, the eyeshadow is really long lasting and waterproof. Coming to its removal, you either need a good eye makeup remover or coconut oil to remove it completely as it is long lasting.

rimmel-scandaleyes-shadow-stick-24h-water-proof-bootleg-brown-2 rimmel-scandaleyes-shadow-stick-24h-water-proof-bootleg-brown-3

OVERALL – Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick 24H Water Proof Bootleg Brown is a dark rich matte brown color which comes in a chubby stick packaging, has a creamy smooth texture and smudge proof, crease-proof and water proof formula. It is long lasting as well as affordable.



  1. Packaging – Chubby pencil with sharpenable feature.
  2. Shade – Rich, matte dark brown
  3. Pigmentation – Dark and deep in a single swipe.
  4. Texture – Creamy smooth.
  5. Finish – Matte.
  6. Formula – Smudge proof, crease-proof and water proof
  7. Longevity – Around 5hrs without primer
  8. Value for money – Yes


  1. Sturdy packaging.
  2. A rich, matte dark brown color.
  3. Stunning pigmentation.
  4. The color is versatile and can be used as eyeshadow, eyeliner, kohl and brow filler.
  5. Texture is creamy smooth and easy to blend.
  6. Finish is matte.
  7. Formula is smudge proof, crease-proof and water proof.
  8. Long lasting – stays for around 5hrs.
  9. Affordable


  1. Sharpenable leads to wastage.
  2. Availability is an issue.

RECOMMENDATION – I would highly recommended this particular color as it is a basic one and can be used in various ways. Overall, the price is affordable and quality is good as well.

BnB Rating : 9/10


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Disclaimer: All products mentioned in this post were purchased.  We are not being sponsored/compensated/paid to write this review and all opinions are absolutely honest by the team. However, each person is born with unique skin type and that’s why we request our readers to test each product before using on their precious skin.

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